CYBIRD Reveals Ikemen 5th Anniversary General Election Results

Ikemen General Election

In its 5th annual general election, CYBIRD took in votes via a retweet campaign on Twitter.

Votes were from all 13 Ikemen games and 159 characters. Each game had a character rank and then an overall rank.

Masamune comes out first in the Ikemen Sengoku rank!

Louis wins the top spot in the Midnight Cinderella rank!

Okita wins over Hijikata in the Destined to Love rank!

In the upcoming Ikemen Revolution, King of Spades Ray Blackwell wins first! Followed by Queen of Hearts Jonah Clemence, Jack of Spades Luka Clemence, Queen of Spades Sirius Oswald, and Ace of Spades Fenrir Godspeed.

And finally, Luca Sinclair wins the top spot for Love, Lies, and a Heist!

Here is the overall chart!

And Masamune Date is the King of the general election!


Do you see your favorite on the Top 80? Let me know who it is and his rank in the comments below!

Cheritz Announces Ray Route and New Package in Mystic Messenger

In a new round of announcements, Cheritz unveils new content for Mystic Messenger including Ray’s route for January and a new merch package themed for Mint Eye.

First Announcement: The Christmas DLC from 2016 is on sale at a 30% HG discount. If you haven’t exchanged your HG for it yet, now is the time! Special Ends December 25th

Second Announcement: Christmas Themed App Opening Chats. When starting the game, you will get chats where RFA members wish you a Merry Christmas! Chats End December 25th and are available December 15th for Android and December 17th for iOS.

Third Announcement: Ray route coming January 2018. Ray’s route will start in game on the 4th Day in Another Story.

Fourth Announcement: Magenta Believer Package will be released before Ray’s route release. The information about the package will become available on 22nd of December.

Note from Cheritz

“Dear MC,

We hope this Christmas be a heart-warming, pleasant memory to you, and we will also do our best to present you memories to be cherished.

Thank you!



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Revival Event Info – My Sweet Proposal – kisskiss♥Xmas

This year, Christmas is on a week day… and it’s not a public holiday in Japan! You’re doing your best at work and receive a kiss present from him?!

Event Period: December 9th – December 22nd 9:00 JST

Healing Rose oil, Wedding Gacha(500) and one hour 100% success fever upon entering the event.

One routes per Love Interest. 12 scenarios to complete a route. At some point, you will reach a bouquets check for either a Sweet or Bitter Route, this is a split route that just has two different stories. There are two endings after Good End and Normal End.

Masaya and Eishi will be added 12/16 9:00 JST.

Avatar trial. There are two avatar trials in each route. +80 Charm. 200 Platinum or 6000 Love Points.

Extra Diary. Each route at some point will offer you the option to purchase a POV extra. 100  Platinum. 

After End Scenarios. After finishing the Good End of a route, you will have the option to purchase an after end. Usually 450 Platinum.


  • Fast Complete: Clear both Good Ends for the Masaya and Eishi within 48 hours of their event routes opening and get Christmas Ornaments (+120 Charm).
  • All Ends Complete: Clear all Good Ends (five total) and get the Xmas Illuminations (+240 Charm)

Event ranking bonus.

  • Place 25 – Bowtie & Green Jacket (“Prince” item, also has +5 Affection for Takeru)
  • Place 50 – Grey Checkered Pants (“Prince” item)
  • Place 75 – Gacha Ticket
  • Place 100 – Closet x5
  • Place 150 – Wedding Room Gacha (1200pts)

Heart Key. Once you read the good ends for Ryoichi, Keita, and Takeru, you will be given a heart key. This key is needed to Read Masaya and Eishi’s good ends once they are released. Without one, you cannot read their good ends. So, you have a lot of time to finish the first sets good ends

Bouquets Needed to Clear.

  • First Set Good End Clear (for Heart Key): 18000
  • All Good End Clear: 30000
  • All Event Clear: 58000