Vehura Reviews – How to Fool a Liar King

What do you get when you put together a runaway, a group of seemingly random travelers, and a country of cat people?

Why, How to Fool a Liar King, a fantasy romance visual novel from roseVeRte, of course!

I had seen this game on Steam, drawn to its artwork, so when I was approached to review the game by the developer, I leaped on the chance to try out this game.

And, let me just say, it was a delight.

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Otome Games and What (U.S.) Women Want

Yesterday, Anime News Network posted an article about otome games and the fact that they have not “taken off”in the United States and thus they “fail.”

I then saw a tweet where someone translated the original article (tumblr post with translated comments here) where the person from the article seemed to be talking about “In Your Arms Tonight,” which is a Voltage game and happens to be one of my favorite Voltage games.

It also seems like this person didn’t really pay attention to the story of the game. So, now I have to make a case for In Your Arms Tonight while also pointing out things that the person in the article said that I think is an over generalization of the International community because, for some reason, the focus is specifically on women in the U.S.

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