Mystic Messenger FAQ

Please check this before sending me anything.

Note: I am not affiliated with Cheritz in any way.

If you think you are experiencing a game glitch/bug, use the help function in the game to contact Chertiz. I cannot help you fix a game glitch.

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  • Featured Questions (PLEASE READ THESE IF ANY)
  • Route Related Questions
  • About Emails/Guests/Messages
  • About Game Functions
  • About Endings
  • Hourglass/Hearts Related Questions

Featured Questions

Q) I finished a route and haven’t had a chance to start a new one, but I keep getting notifications about new chats. What’s happening?

A) This is a known bug. Send Cheritz a 1-on-1 so that they have a record of it happening to you. Unless people tell them that this is happening, they aren’t going to bother about fixing it.

Q) If I replay a route, will my answers/calls/endings be overwritten in the Extras area?

A) No. The extras will save new choices if you make them and will add in new ends when you get them.

Q) If I finish a route and start a new one/start my game over, do I lose all the hourglass and hearts I gained?

A) No, your gained HG and Hearts will follow you until you use them up.

Q) How do I start over?
A) Settings(that cogs)>Account> Start Over.

Q) If I do the above start over, will I lose all my data (after ends/images/ect)?
A) No.

Q) For some reason, I can’t read the next day/chat. Why isn’t the game letting me?

A) There are two possible reasons you can’t read the next chat/open the next day:

  1. Next Chat/New Day – You forgot to read a visual novel mode, which you are required to read before you can continue the game OR you haven’t pressed the caution.
  2. Next Chat – you haven’t read a chat. If there is a chat colored green and everything else after it is grey, you need to either read or participate in that green chat before the game will let you continue.
  3. New Day – the next chat hasn’t opened up in the newest day, thus there is nothing for you to get into. Check my Chat Times Only post for the route you are on and the day you are not able to get into and compare your time to the time a new chat opens up to confirm.

If after completing these you are still unable to proceed, use the help function to contact Cheritz. You could be experiencing a recently discovered glitch.

Q) I won’t be able to get into the party until later in my day. Will there be any consequence in doing this? How many HG does it take to unlock?

A) No, the party is the end of the game, you can put it off as long as you want and it doesn’t cost anything to unlock.

Q) I can’t play the party! I have a ton of memory. Why does this keep happening?!

A) I think you might be confusing memory with storage which is understandable.

The memory the game needs to run the party is based on the Random-Access Memory used by your phone. This is why, when people have a hard time running the party, I tell them to restart there phone. A lot of things run in the background unfortunately taking up your RAM.

To see how much RAM you have, I look on my phone under Settings>Apps>Running (see screenshot).


Here is listed the system memory, the memory my apps are using and my free memory. As you can see, I have a TON of memory, so I can run multiple things at once.

Now you CAN stop some processes from running, thus opening up RAM on your phone. I would kill things like Facebook, Instagram, ect. You can open these apps again to restart them, sometimes, they restart on their own anyways.

My HTC EVO could not play the party, it was rocking 1GB of RAM. My current phone, however, has no issues at all with 2GB RAM.

If you don’t have enough RAM to run the party, and restarting your phone isn’t helping, the only solution is to get a new phone with better RAM.

Q) If I accidentally chose a few starred answers in your walkthrough, will I get a bad end?

A) There is more than way to good end and there are more than one way to bad end. My walkthroughs are there because, choosing these answers, I received the ends that they are marked for. That doesn’t mean that accidentally choosing a few “bad end” marked answers here and there is going to make you bad end.

Route Related Questions

Q)  Can you still get Zen’s, Yoosung’s or Jaehee’s route in the Deep Story?

A) No. Zen, Yoosung and Jaehee are Casual Story only. Jumin and 707 are Deep Story only and you can’t play their routes in Casual Story.

Q) How important is it to get each day to 100%? Do I have to wake up in the middle of the night to get into chats?

A) I personally have gone no lower than 53% on some days and did fine. I’ve heard people going lower, but I wouldn’t shoot for lower than 50% each day on the safe side. I would still try to get into as many chats as possible. So you don’t need to wake up in the middle of the night to get the Good End.

BUT, there is still the issue of possibly not collecting enough hearts for the person who’s route you are in. So, I still suggest you get into as many chats as possible to raise the likelihood of getting a good end.

Q) I can’t get the meter at 100% for the first day. Is that going to effect my game?

A) The game is very giving on the first day. I was able to Good End my first game with only 47% completed the first day. If you are really worried and want to get first day at 100%, then you need to start playing around 12pm. If you want all the chats for the first day, then you need to start playing the game after midnight.

Q) How long to I have to read a chat before I have to pay HG to participate?

A) You have until the next chat happens. If you have a chat at 10:30pm and another chat opens at 11pm, you need to read the chat before 11pm.

Q) Do I have to participate in all the chats? Can’t I just skip the early morning ones I miss?

A) I had a person who told me she always got the bad end and the only thing she did the same between all her playthroughs was she didn’t read the chats she missed over night. I’ve also had a bunch of people tell me they have done some days to just 30% and still gotten the good end. So, until I can test this, I’d say proceed with caution.

Q) I’ve been answering for Jumin/707, but I ended up in (someone who isn’t either of them)’s route. What gives?

A) You can only play Jumin and 707′s route in Deep Story mode by choosing it from the Story Mode screen before you start the prologue. It costs 80 HG to unlock and you only have to unlock it once. If you are not in Deep Story mode you can not play either of their routes. Casual Story is for Jaehee, Yoosung and Zen’s routes only.

Unlocking Deep Story – If you select Original Story  and it takes you to a current game, then you need to Start Over. Settings(that cogs)>Account> Start Over.
If you want to keep your current game, save before you start over. Then Start Over select Original Story and it will take you to the Story Select screen.

The screen looks like this


Q) I was on the Day 5, then something happened and the game restarted. What happened?

A) Congrats, you achieved the second easiest bad ending in the game. This happened because you didn’t focus enough on one character. Try again, using my walkthrough, and focus on one character, space out the rest of your choices and choose (Nothing) when available.

I also have 1~4th Day walkthroughs for each character listed on their pages which are linked on the Game Page .

Q) I started Day 5, but there isn’t an image under the days so I don’t know who’s route I’m on. When will I know?

A) You just need to keep playing at this point. I wouldn’t bother using HG if you miss any chats because it’ll be a waste. If you really want to know what is happening, look at the answer above this one.

Q) Is there a recommended play order? Do I have to follow it?

A) From what I have played so far, and what I’ve been told, the play order is Zen, Yoosung, Jaehee, Jumin, then 707. As for if you have to play in that order, no. But I feel like the mysteries will be revealed more organically if you do play in this order. Some people have expressed interest in playing 707 right away and I would, however, advise against that. Reading his route first would be like reading the first few chapters of a book and the immediately flipping to the final two chapters and reading those.

But, it’s your play through, do what you want.

About Emails/Guests/Messages

Q) How do I get emails?

A) On the Second Day, characters will start suggesting people to invite to the party. All you have to do is accept it and, once the chat ends, the first email from that guest will show up in your email inbox. Please note that sometimes you may express interest in inviting a guest and still not receive an email. Not sure why this happens, it just does.

Q) The emails from guests are timing out. Why is this happening?

A) Make sure that you are answering emails as they come in. Do not let them sit. If they are still timing out, use the help function to message Cheritz.

Q) I received a notification from someone, but when I opened the game, nothing was there. OR When I open the game, I get a ton of messages on the screen, but then there is nothing to reply to. Is this a glitch?

A) Most of the out of game messages are just push notifications reminding you that there is something that needs attention in the game. As for the bombarding opening messages, this is a non-game breaking bug that has been happening since the game come out. And since it is non-game breaking, it’s probably extremely low priority.

Q) I have a lot of emails out and nobody has replied. I’m freaking out! Please help!!

A) I had a ton of guests get back to me on the final day. Just relax.

Q) Do I have to be picky about guests or do I take everyone?

A) You have to invite a minimum of 10 guests, but honestly, taking everyone won’t affect anything other than potentially getting you a heartbreak from some character’s if you chose to invite a guest they don’t like. Note: This only time this happens, that I know of, is inviting longcat in Jaehee’s route.

About Game Functions

Q) How does buying 24 hours worth of chats by pressing “Continue” work?

A) When you press “Continue” in the chat area, you will be given the option to purchase the next 24 hours worth of chats. The amount of HG varies from day to day. The main thing you need to remember though is the chats don’t stop when you buy the following 24 hours. The game skips forward in time, giving you the 24 hours worth of chats and then continues to play. So, you have to plan your 24 hour purchase.

  1. Make sure you have read/participated in all chats you already have available before buying the next 24 hours.
  2. Check the chat for the following day and pick a time to buy the next 24 that allows you time to read the chats. A 2~3 hours window would be best to be safe.
  3. You need to set time aside to read the chats. You shouldn’t buy the next 24 hours if you don’t have time to play it. The game will continue to open chats.

Please note that you are not required to do this in order to keep playing the game.

Q) What aspects of the game will affect the outcome of a route?

A) Chats and emails from potential guests. Calls and Messages are extras. Messages are used only to gain more hearts and calls are just to hear someone’s voice. You are not required to do those interactions.

Q) Am I supposed to get EVERYONE’s hearts? Or just the route that I am pursuing?

A) Focus on the character you are pursuing and then do your best to spread out the other’s or purposefully chose (Nothing) when available.

Q) I ended up in someone’s route, but I want to be in someone else’s route. Can I switch to that person?

A) No. You are in the person’s route you are in due to the answers you chose in favor of that person being higher than anyone else. If you want to be in another character’s route, you will have to start over. Then follow the advice above.

Q) When I finish a route and start a new one, do I get to keep everything I got in the previous route like pictures, hearts, hourglass ect?

A) Yes.

Q) I am not receiving notifications for when a chat room opens. Do you know why?

A) You either didn’t tell the game to allow notifications (Settings>Push) or you haven’t allowed it on your phone. Mine is under Settings>Apps>Mystic Messenger>Show Notifications (check). The other reason is, the game has been sending you notifications and they have just been piling up. I have been playing since Day One and have always received notifications.

Q) Can I play multiple games at once?

A) Yes. Seems really hectic though. Good luck.

Q) What does it mean when the word “Break” is next to someone’s name?

A) Breaks remove 1 heart from your chat total. It is unconfirmed that Breaks will lower your affection with the person they are for. So, unless you are trying to mess up and lower your affection with one character because you want another character’s route, I wouldn’t recommended you picking a break on purpose.

Q) I am going on a trip and won’t be able to play the game for X days. What can I do?

A) Save the game before you leave and then load the save when you return a little after the same time you saved. It will be like you never stopped playing.


The left image is an incorrect load time. The save time is on the 4th Day, but because I am loading it BEFORE the save time, the game sees this as a move forward in time. You can’t make time go backwards (and if you try it, you will be banned from the game)

The right image is a correct load time. It is after the save time and show that I am still on the 4th Day. Loading this will result in no chats missed.

Q) I have school during the week, so I can’t play the game. How do I play it?

A) Save game on Sunday night, load Friday night. Play through the weekend. Repeat until you complete the route. Yes, it will take 5HG every time you load your save.

If you can’t use 5HG per load and/or you don’t want to buy HG, the other answer to this just might be this game is not for you due to it’s real time schedule.

Q) I was on Day 2~11 of casual/deep story and when I loaded up my game, I am back to [some time before that/some other story mode]. What happened? How do I get my day back?

A) First and foremost, I have something I need everyone to listen to and follow. You need to save your game before you close your game. Do NOT trust auto-save. While I have never had this happen to me, I have been doing this since day 1.

Now, this is a known bug and Cheritz should have fixed this with the most recent update. Make sure your game is up-to-date.

If you don’t have a save from your last chat, then your only option is to report a Data Loss and submit a Big Report then continue to play the game anyways to collect hearts. If you do have a save, report the Data Loss and submit a Big Report then, if you want to, load the save and continue playing.

Please note, if you are playing as a guest, which you shouldn’t be(!!!), you are screwed.

About Endings

Q) How many endings does each character have?

A) Each character has 1 good end, 1 normal end, 3 bad ends, and at least 1 relationship bad end. Good ends happen when you get to the party and have at a minimum 10 guests. Normal ends happen when you get to the party and have less than 10 guests. Bad Story ends will happen after the game branches and you get those from choosing poor answers. Bad Relationship End happen when you don’t participate in enough chats. Those also occur at a game branch.

Q) How will I know if I got a bad end?

A) Things will happen and, depending on how click happy you are, you will either be kicked back to the main screen or you will see a screen that says “Bad Ending” in red and then get kicked back to the main screen.

Q) I get a bad ending during when the story branches do I have to start over? Do I have to make a new account to play again?

A) Yes, if you bad end you have to start over because you made bad choices that lead to your bad end. And, for the account, no. Just like any other game, when you reach the ending, the game will send you back to the start and you can play again.

Q) Do you know why I got a bad end?

A) Because you made bad choices in the game, that’s all it comes down to. The choices that you make after each branch are what effect the following branch. So, if there was a branch on the 7th Day and you pass it, the choices you make after that branch to the branch on the 9th Day determine if you will bad end or not. Replay the route and make different choices or use one of my many guides.

If you bad ended right after the common route, then you need to focus on one character and then spread out your answers for all other characters.

Remember, just because you got a heart for a character, does not mean it’s a good answer!

Q) How could getting a heart get me a bad end? That doesn’t make sense!

A) It took a bad ends run for me to figure this out for sure. I have theorized, for a while now, that not all hearts are good. Heart breaks are obviously bad answers, but just because you get a normal hearts for a certain character does not mean good.

In my first “going for bad ends” run, I made choices that were just straight up mean and STILL GOT A HEART FOR THAT CHARACTER. And then I received a bad end at the first game branch.

This has lead me to believe, when you get a heart for a character, the heart is just to let you know that that choice went towards them. Confirming not all hearts are good. Use caution when not following my walkthroughs.

Q) When I get an ending, do I have to start over? Is there a way to just play from the 4th Day and get a different route?

A) The choices you make in the 1~4th Day determine who’s route you end up in. This is why you have to start over from the 1st Day. I recommend though, once you branch on the 4th Day and get someone’s route that you save the game. This way, if something happens, like you get a bad end, you can just load that end of 4th Day save instead of starting all over again.

Q) How many hourglass are needed to unlock the endings?

The After Ends are 20HG each. Both secret ends are 7 episodes each and each episode is 10HG to unlock.

Hourglass/Hearts Related Questions

Q) I got a Heart Break in my run. Is that going to get me the bad end?

A) No, but try not to get too many of them especially for the character who’s route you are going for.

Q) How much do hourglass cost? What do I do with the hearts I have collected?

A) If you click the + next to your hourglasses, a screen will popup and show you the cost of HG. You can also exchange 100 HEarts for 1 HG on this screen.

Q) How do I get hourglass and hearts for free?

A) Hearts, play the game. Hourglass, exchange your hearts. 100 Hearts = 1 HG. Sometimes, if you answer a chat in a certain way, you will be awarded with HG. When you good end, and unlock the extras area, if you press the button for guests, you will be show the guest list. Selecting a guest and listening to the story will award you 1HG the first time you do this. You will not be award an HG again after read a guests story once.

Recently, Chertiz added a new feature called the spaceship at the bottom of the screen. When the spaceship makes it to the Honey Buddha Chips on the right side, they will turn yellow and chips will fly out of the bag. Tap the bag, another bag will come on screen, tap that bag to be awarded hearts and possibly HG. You can also tap the spaceship itself to see characters’ thoughts.

Q) What are the hearts used for?

A) Gaining affection for characters (to get in someone’s route, you should concentrate on acquiring their hearts) and exchanging them out for hourglass.

Q) If I exchange my hearts for hourglass, will it affect my route in any way?

A) No.

Q) If I load an old save, will it revert to the hourglass that I had when I saved?

A) No. You used those HG. They are gone.

Q) I keep seeing white hearts/I see that in your walkthroughs white hearts are labelled ???. Who are they for?

A) There is speculation that the white hearts are meant for Unknown, but these are unconfirmed. So, instead of writing that down, I removed the name and put ???. And before you ask, no, Unknown does not have a route in the game.

Walkthrough – Mystic Messenger – Jaehee Route – Ninth Day Chats

Mystic Messenger Related Pages

[Previous Day] —- [Next Day]

00:14 – Hand mill

Character(s): Jaehee, Zen
Note: 707 calls after this chat


Selection 1
Jaehee, is it okay for you to be here and not work? (*Jaehee)
You two were here~ (Jaehee)

Selection 2
You’re not addicted to coffee, are you? (*Jaehee)
Are you going to use the gift Zen gave you!? (Jaehee)

Selection 3
I feel like buying coffee would be easier… (*Jaehee)
I want to drink coffee that you brewed~! (Jaehee + Alt Selection)

Alt Selection
I’ll let Zen have it first lolol
Huh? Of course it’s me first lolol (Jaehee)

Selection 4
Think Zen’s all rotten black on the inside;;; Don’t do that to my Jaehee! (Jaehee)
I can make you a cup if you come to my house. (*Zen)

Selection 5
Guess you’re not that busy… (*Jaehee)
You’re so into coffee. So cute lolol (Jaehee)

Selection 6
I wish I could give you a gift… (Jaehee)
I hope you weren’t tricked into buying the really expensive one. (*Nothing)

Selection 7
Were you just pretending to be injured? (Zen Break)
That’s a relief, Zen~! (Zen)

Selection 8
That’s… sad T_T (*Zen)
Why is everyone living such difficult lives;; (Jaehee)

Selection 9
Jaehee… you have your own life story. (Jaehee)
I think Zen’s had a much harder life than you, Jaehee. (*Jaehee)

Selection 10
Probably not Jumin though. Since he’s the ice prince. (*Jaehee)
Yeah, Jaehee! ^^ (Jaehee)

Selection 11
It’s because you didn’t sleep~ Get some sleep. (Jaehee)
Don’t get too high. You have to work. (*Jaehee)

Selection 12
Set your alarm though. You still have a lot of work. (*Jaehee)
Get some rest, Jaehee! Sleep like a baby sheep~ (Jaehee)

Selection 13
No need to thank me… We’re all members. (Jaehee)
To be honest… I’m a bit disappointed to see Jaehee slack off a bit. (*Jaehee)

Selection 14
Good night, my love. (*Zen, Jaehee Break)
Have a good night~ (Nothing)

02:48 – Work is done!

Character(s): 707


Selection 1
Seven, did you go insane? (Nothing)
Seven;;; How’s the presentation going? (707)

Selection 2
Your love for cars is amazing. (*707)
The slides did turn out okay, right? (Jaehee)

Selection 3
Knew you were filthy rich…;; (Nothing)
I think you kind of lied? (707)

Selection 4
Jumin and his cat? (*Jaehee)
Jaehee and Zen? (Jaehee)

Selection 5
-_- (Nothing)
I feel like you’re the one who’s drunk.. (707 + Alt Selection)

Alt Selection 
Then maybe you’re always drunk lolol (Nothing)
I thought you might be more serious than you seemed, but I guess I was wrong.

Selection 6
I hope it helps Jaehee even just a little bit. (Jaehee)
Do you really think Zen will pay for your gas without expecting anything in return? (*Zen)

Selection 7
Yes. (Nothing)
What? Already?! (Nothing)

Selection 8
So what? (Nothing)
That is super sudden. (707)

Selection 9
Don’t really feel like it. I’m gonna be a game junkie.
It is really a serious problem these days. Okay. (707)

Selection 10
Jumin ordered her to… so of course she had to finish. (Jaehee)
If she has no choice she’ll end up using yours I guess lolo (*Jaehee)

Selection 11
Jaehee’s going to use her own slides so yours don’t even matter;; (Jaehee)
Okay good night lol (*Jaehee)

08:43 – Assistant Kang

Character(s): Jumin
Note: Jaehee calls after this chat
Who should pick up if you call after this chat: Jumin


Selection 1
Did Jaehee finish her work last night? (Jaehee)
Jumin, good morning. I missed you. (*Jumin)

Selection 2
I’m sure she’ll take care of it ^^ (Jaehee)
I’m worried. She had coffee last night and fell asleep after talking with Zen… (*Jaehee)

Selection 3
That;s a bit worrying. It’s a basic job and she still hasn’t finished it? Think she’s not a very good assistant. (*Jaehee)
Just trust her. It’ll be fine. (Jaehee)

Selection 4
I think it’s best for you to do some of the work if you can. Just in case. (Jaehee)
This is a bit too much. It’s her fault for making you worry like this… (*Jaehee)

Selection 5
Hmm. I don’t really like companies like that.
Yes, we should! (Email from medicine)

Selection 6
Maybe it’s not best to trust Jaehee so much… Cheer up. (*Jaehee)
Jaehee will do fine. ^^ (Jumin + Jaehee)

11:30 – Support and care

Character(s): Yoosung
Who should pick up if you call after this chat: Zen, Jaehee


Selection 1
I’m worried she hasn’t been working. (*Jaehee)
I think Jaehee’s going through a turning point in her life. (Jaehee)

Selection 2
I’m worried it might just hurt Jumin’s career. (*Jaehee)
I hope Jaehee broadens her horizons from now on. (Jaehee)

Selection 3
I wanted Jaehee to become a more perfect career woman… (*Jaehee)
I’m just happy that she listened to what I had to say! (Jaehee + Alt Selection)

Alt Selection
I hope you game less and live a more regular like lol (Yoosung)
I just want to pinch your cheeks whenever I see you lol

Selection 4
I didn’t know you were like that… She must have meant a lot to you. (Yoosung)
lololol You? An ace student? lolol (Nothing)

Selection 5
You didn’t… have feelings for Rika in that way, did you? (Nothing)
It’s because LOLOL is too fun lol Can’t do nothing about games. (Yoosung)

Selection 7
Did you do good to your parents afterwards?
I’d like to invite a group like that. (Email from hyoja)

Selection 8
Have fun at school ^^ (*Yoosung)
I want to eat with Jaehee too… (Jaehee)

13:39 – Coffee time

Character(s): Zen


Selection 1
Zen, how was your lunch? (Nothing)
How is Jaehee? (Nothing)

Selection 2
I want one too. (Zen)
Ya. Just eat your donut. (Nothing)

Selection 3
She’ll do well in anything lol (Jaehee + Alt Selection)
Hey, how can Jaehee become a barista?;;; She has to work. (*Jaehee)

Alt Selection
I’m not really interested in learning things.
I can do pretty much do well in anything if I put my mind into it. (Jaehee)

Selection 4
Does she have time to relax and drink coffee like that? (*Jaehee)
I never saw Jaehee not wearing glasses! (Jaehee)

Selection 5
Then she should start working… Did she finish? (*Jaehee)
That’s good~! (Jaehee)

Selection 6
Tell her good luck! (Jaehee)
Good bye, Zen. (*Zen)

Note: Zen calls after the VNM

16:11 – Premium gas

Character(s): 707


Selection 1
Seven, did you get a call from Jaehee about the presentation? (Jaehee)
Seven, you can finally get premium gas. (*707)

Selection 2
How are you going to drive all four cars? (Nothing)
RIP Zen’s wallet… (Zen + alt Selection)

Alt Selection
Yeah. You should have gotten a couple more cars. What were you thinking?
You’re a devil… (707)

Selection 3
Is there a problem? (Nothing)
About what? (Nothing)

Selection 4
I can’t really believe him… (Nothing)
That’s unfortunate… We’ll just have to do well without him. (Nothing)

Selection 5
Yeah. I don’t think she cares for the company anymore. (*Jaehee)
Jaehee’s mental health is more important than the presentation. (Jaehee)

Selection 6
Thanks. Seven, good luck with your premium gas. (707)
Don’t torture Zen too much. (Zen)

17:20 – Conflict between Jumin and Jaehee

Character(s): Jumin, Jaehee
Note: Jumin calls after the chat


Selection 1
How did the presentation go? (Nothing)
The presentation must have gone bad as I expected. (*Jaehee)

Selection 2
So the presentation didn’t go too well. (*Jaehee + Jumin)
Did the presentation go… well? (Jaehee)

Selection 3
Guess you were busy with your date and forgot to wear your glasses. (*Jaehee + Jumin)
It’s not my place to butt in… but that suggestion sounds better for the company. (Jaehee)

Selection 4
You’ve worked for him long enough. Shouldn’t you have known? (*Jaehee + Jumin)
He didn’t tell you the specific requests? (Jaehee)

Selection 5
The slides… didn’t she use Seven’s? (*Jumin)
She worked day and night… You should give her credits for that. (Jaehee)

Selection 6
It was wrong of you to not show Jumin the slides beforehand, no matter how busy you were. (*Jaehee)
I think Jaehee has a point… (Jaehee)

Selection 7
Guess she doesn’t care for the company now that she’s dating Zen. (*Jaehee, Jaehee Break… I know…)
I may be going out of line… but she gave good results despite not having a lot of time. I think she did a good job… (Jaehee)

Selection 8
Jaehee.. think again;; I don’t think you realize how important your job is. (*Jaehee)
Hope… it goes okay. (Jaehee)

18:38 – Treasure

Character(s): Yoosung, 707
Who should pick up if you call after this chat: Yoosung


Selection 1
A commoner? =_= (Yoosung + Jaehee)
Jaehee did slack off on her work;;; (*Jaehee)

Selection 2
Lucky Jaehee has a lot of choices…;; Feel bad for Jumin. (*Jaehee)
Whatever Jaehee does, I hope it makes her happy. (Jaehee)

Selection 3
I don’t think Jumin will go that far. (Nothing)
;;;… Be careful. (707)

Selection 4
She should do what she’s told if she get paid for it. Can’t understand her at all. (*Jaehee)
But Jaehee’s been having a hard time. I think all the frustration piled up and exploded this time. (Jaehee)

Selection 5
You have to go to school~! (Yoosung)
Jealous… I don’t want to go to school either~ (Nothing)

Selection 6
I’ve heard of that before! (Yoosung)
I think he’s just messing with you again. (707)

Selection 7
He’s totally falling for it lololol (Yoosung)
That really exists. Just looked it up on Nahoo. (707)

Selection 8
lololol So fantastic! (707)
That sounds like a lie. (Yoosung)

Selection 9
Whoah~ That actually makes sense. (707)
Well that was totally out of the blue lololol (Yoosung)

Selection 10
Totally ready to go dig. (707)
Why cash? (Yoosung)

Selection 11
lololol You’re lying. (Yoosung)
Wow… You must really want it. (707)

Selection 12
-_-… (Nothing)
And he has been sacrificed once again. (707)

20:02 – Fired

Character(s): Zen, Jaehee
Note: Jaehee calls after the chat
Who should pick up if you call after this chat: Jaehee


Selection 1
Jaehee, what happened with Jumin? (Jaehee)
Zen’s responsible if you lose your job… Since he’s the one who asked Seven. (*Jaehee)

Selection 2
I knew it.. God. You should have done a better job. (*Jaehee)
Oh no… What are you going to do? (Jaehee)

Selection 3
So you’re really quitting? (Jaehee)
Do you know how hard it is to get a job these days? (*Jaehee)

Selection 4
You can take this time to study for exams. (*Jaehee)
Jaehee, please tell me if there’s anything I can do. (Jaehee)

Selection 5
Jaehee, you seem more relaxed. (Jaehee)
Aren’t you being too naive? Seems risky. (*Jaehee)

Selection 6
I just wanted to help you… ^^ (Jaehee)
I’ve never said things like that…? (*Jaehee)

Selection 7
I don’t know what it is but I don’t know if I’ll be able to hear it since I’ll be so busy. (*Jaehee)
To me? What is it? (Jaehee)

Selection 8
I truly wish for your happiness too, Jaehee. (Jaehee)
Being happy is important… but I’m disappointed that you don’t realize it’s happiness to work with Jumin. (*Jaehee)

Selection 9
Aren’t you relaxing for too long? lolol (Zen)
It’d be nice if everyone could focus on their work… Everyone seems too loosened up. (*Jaehee)

Selection 10
If that’s what you decided to do… I’ll support you. (Jaehee)
I think you’re giving up too easily. (*Jaehee)

Selection 11
Cheer up, Jaehee~! (Jaehee)
Good bye. (*Nothing)

Selection 12
No. I’m still young.
I don’t think I’ve ever seriously thought about it. (Nothing)
I’m still putting up with it. (Nothing)
I wish I could get a proper job. (Nothing)
I have. (Nothing)

Selection 13
It was fun talking to you, Zen ^^ (Nothing)
Good bye. (Nothing)

21:47 – Old memory

Character(s): Yoosung


Selection 1
Yoosung, are you drawing dots? (Nothing)
Yoosung, how was the digging? (Yoosung)

Selection 2
You didn’t find an expansion pack? (Nothing)
Whose puppy is it? (Yoosung)

Selection 3
The puppy’s so cute~ (Yoosung + Alt Selection)
Why would he do such a thing? (Nothing)

Alt Selection
What’s her name? (Nothing)
She’s not alive anymore? (Nothing)

Selection 4
Oh no… (Yoosung)
Isn’t it Rika’s fault for not looking out for her…? (Nothing)

Selection 5
You studied…? (Nothing)
I see… (Yoosung)

Selection 6
Hmm… That dream seems to dependent on Rika. (Nothing)
Don’t blame yourself too much. You can start trying hard from now… (Yoosung)

23:11 – I can’t understand

Character(s): Jumin


Selection 1
Jumin, are you really sending Jaehee away…?  (Jaehee)
Jumin… do you remember the puppy Yoosung mentioned? (*Yoosung)

Selection 2
She should have treated her when she could. (Nothing)
She must have been very tender-hearted. (Jumin)

Selection 3
Are you sure that it was Seven’s? (Alt Selection 1)
You must not like Seven lol (Alt Selection 2)

Alt Selection 1
It must be tiring to work like that… (Jaehee)
I could do better than Jaehee. (*Jaehee + Jumin)

Alt Selection 2
What are you going to do? ;;;
It’s not as if you have no fault in this. (Jaehee)

Selection 5
I understand, Jumin… Nothing can last forever. (*Jumin)
Still you did give Jaehee too much work. (Jaehee)

Selection 6
I just hope everything works out for the two of you. (*Jaehee + Jumin)
I just think… you two aren’t a good fit. (Jaehee)

Selection 7
Yes? (*Nothing)
Yes, Mr. Han. (Jaehee)