Interview – Creating Hakuoki with Series Director, Mr. Fujisawa

(Please note that this interview may contain spoilers if you have not played/finished Hakuoki.)

What can I say that hasn’t already been said about Hakuoki? Since its initial release in 2008, it is one of those games that, if you are an otome fan, you need to play at least once. The English release for the PSP in 2012 sparked the fire that would eventually cause otome to grow in popularity in the West. Over the years, it has produced anime, stage plays, and many MANY versions of the game from a prequel to a school Alternative Universe. With its mix of historical fantasy and period drama, it’s no wonder, almost 10 years later, it is still as popular as ever.

Next spring, the International community will see the second part of the remake of the original game, Edo Blossoms. Tweleve love interests, heart-pounding action, history, and tragedy, Hakuoki has a lot to offer. But what was it like creating the game from the beginning? How much did keeping the game as historically accurate as possible play? What about the new six routes made them the ones to make the cut?

In an exclusive interview with Otome Obsessed, the Hakuoki Series Director, Mr. Fujisawa, will answer all these questions and more! Learn about the challenges that comes from making a game of this magnitude. And, in another exclusive, find out Otomate’s plans for next year where Hakuoki will have its 10th Anniversary.

Please enjoy this interview!

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Vehura Reviews – My Million Dollar Boyfriend: Cinderella TV

Arithmetic’s newest game might be for people who don’t like Arithmetic’s usually writing style Let’s just get this out of the way…

Those of you who have come to my site for a while might remember THE GREAT ARITHMETIC RAGE of 2015 that spilled into 2016. To say I have had an on-going falling out is an understatement. I’ve openly spouted my opinions about themes that I have seen repeated in their games that I personally do not like (and, it’s my site, I can opinion all I want).

So, when I received an email from them asking if I would be willing to review their newest game release on my site, it… was awkward. They know it was awkward. They also know that I’m going to give an honest opinion and they were very forth coming with that is what they want from me.

I was given 60 tickets, a handful of dolce raising items, as well as gacha tickets and a route switch item. I am telling you all this because it’s really important to be truthful about what I was given in exchange to review the game.

I went into this with as much of an open mind as I could despite all that I have said and experienced. Please, please don’t let this be what I’m expecting. Please…

Spoiler Alert: It wasn’t.

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