Event Walkthrough – Rental Boyfriends – Naughty or Not? 3 – Haruka Doujima

Event Period: November 24th ~ November 30th


  • Naughty Ending – Requires an Affection Check
    Items: Small Scenario Ticket, Private Room Gacha (500) x1
  • Tender Ending (Default)
    Items: All Scenario Ticket x2, Private Room Gacha (500) x1

Event Breakdown –

  • Event is 17? Scenarios: 14? Main and 3? Ending
  • Once you have finished, do NOT reset the route if you want to buy the Epilogue. Go to the My Page and you will find it there available for purchase. 300 Platinum
  • Gacha costs 400 to spin and cannot use the daily free spin. You can win the same item more than once. Spin it to make up affection! You HAVE to make up 10 affection points for the Naughty End!

Cut contains basic route information including premium routes, elegance trial amounts, and love trial avatars and how much they cost.

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Event Walkthrough – Rental Boyfriends – Naughty or Not?

Event Period: October 28th ~ November 3rd

The MC slipped up and accidentally double booked Taisuke! When Aito overhears the predicament, he says he will help them out instead of potentially losing two clients. But now, the MC owes someone for her mistake.

Who’s it going to be? And what is she going to have to do?

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Event Info – Rental Boyfriends – Tender Encounters with Seven Mystics


Event Period: May 15th – May 28th 09:00 JST

This event is a Points (Marshmallow) event meaning that you read the story, meet checks and then have to go to battle in the event themed battle to with carene to pass these checks.

Healing Candy and one hour Marshmallow x3 success fever upon entering the event.

One routes per Love Interest. 12 scenarios to complete a route with two endings: Her and His. Due to the points difference at the ending check, His is the “Good” End and requires you to have an item from a gacha in order to read it. This gacha is still active. On the My Page, scroll to the revolving gacha banners, the gacha is number three and takes 1000 Love Points to spin.

Takeomi, Etsuya, and Junpei will be added 5/18 9:00JST.
Haruka and Kotarou will be added 5/22 9:00JST.

Avatar trial. One per route.

  • Premium (+100 Charm) 300 Platinum
  • Normal (+50 Charm) – 200 Plat/3000 Love Points

After End Scenarios. After finishing each ending, you will have the option to purchase an after end. 

  • His End – 380 Platinum
  • Her End – 380 Platinum


  • Fast Complete 1 Clear Aito and Taisuke within 48 hours of event entry and get Dancing Flames Torch Effect
  • Fast Complete 2 Clear Takeomi, Etsuya, and Junpei within 48 hours of their routes opening and get Colorful Flowers Japanese Frame
  • Fast Complete 3 Clear Haruka and Kotarou within 48 hours of their routes opening and get Colorful Dancing Flower Petals Effect
  • All Ends Complete Clear all ends (14 total) and get Mystical Japanese Stlye Room
  • 7 Route Clear – Closet x1
  • 120000+ Marshmallows – Shrine Maiden Sexy Pose

Event ranking bonus.

  • Place 25 – BeigexGrey Hakama
  • Place 50 – White Japanese Traditional Clothing Haori
  • Place 75 – Yellow Japanese Clogs
  • Place 100 – Gacha Ticket x1
  • Place 130 – Closet x5
  • Place 150 – Private Room Gacha (1200pts)
  • Place 300 – 1500 Love Points

Marshmallow Needed to Clear. Done His to Her in sets.

  • 1st Set: 15200
  • 2nd Set: 39200
  • 3rd Set/All Clear: ???

Good luck!