Walkthrough – Ninja Shadow – Yoshiyuki

At one time in his life, Yoshiyuki was a ninja, but after a scandal, he resigned to become a merchant. He enjoys all things related to the sea.


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Chapter 1

Part 3

Lightly brush his hand away. (Best)
Pinch his hand as hard as I can.

Part 5 –  Talent-n-Skills Checkpoint: Requires 100 pt to continue

Part 6

Accept them.
Refrain. (Best)

Chapter 2

Part 2

Ask them about Zeyo.
Ask them about Yoshiyuki. (Best)

Part 4

Thank him. (Best)
Tell him what I think of the ship.

Chapter 3

Part 2

“I’m glad you found such a great opportunity.” (Best)
Remain silent.

Part 2 –  Talent-n-Skills Checkpoint: Requires 1100 pt to continue

Part 6

“You should leave without me, Yoshiyuki.”
“Give us a hand instead, Yoshiyuki.” (Best)

Chapter 4

Part 1

Give up on them. (Best)
Ignore what others might think, and look at them.

Part 5

Readily accept his help.
Tell him to have a seat and wait for Zeyo. (Best)

Part 5 –  Talent-n-Skills Checkpoint: Requires 4400 pt to continue

Chapter 5

Part 2

Continue exaggerating in an attempt to scare him.
Explain my condition to relieve his concern. (Best)

Part 3  – Avatar Checkpoint:
Premium: Bandage Kissed by Him + CG (Cheerful+40) – 5 Jade
Normal: Wrapped Bandage (Cheerful+20) – 600 Gold

Part 5

“I’ll definitely do that.” (Best)
“Won’t I cause you trouble?”

Chapter 6

Part 2

“Not at all.”
“Your help sure did.” (Best)

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