Walkthrough – Sleepless Cinderella Party – Hibiki Shiina


  • Happy End – 31000 Trust Factor
  • Secret Happy Ending – 42000 Trust Factor
  • Secret Ending – 42000 Trust Factor + 80 Chemistry

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Episode 1

“That’s what I’d like to know.”
“Are you really Hibiki Shiina?”
“I don’t remember last night.” (+2)

Get angry.
Apologize. (+2)

Episode 2

“Sorry for taking so long.” (+2)
“I got here as fast as I could.”
“Gosh, I’m so sorry!”

Mission – 1000 Trust Factor

Smile at him. (+2)
Run up to him.

Episode 3

Wait for him to come closer. (+2)
Say hello to him.
Follow him.

Ask about love songs.
Apologize. (+2)
ASk about the wedding.

Episode 4

Modestly hand over the boquet.
“You know Megumi Tachibana?”
“Your performance was wonderful.” (+2)

Special Story Mission – Need 10 Chemisty

Can’t say anything.
Tell her you’re his assistant.
Tell her you’re a reporter. (+2)

Episode 5

“Would you like some dinner?”
“Your package came.” (+2)
“I was just about to go home.”

Mission –
Sweet Route:
 Classical Concert Outfit (3 Gems)
Normal Route: Lightweight Stole (1 Gem/1200pt)

Rip off the sheets.
Shake him.
Call out to him. (+2)

Episode 6

“Thirteen pieces of cake.” (+2)
“Who’s eating all of these?”
“Do you like cake?”

Mission – 8000? Trust Factor
Game kicked me out.

Apologize. (+2)
Avoid eye contact.
Ask about the sheet music.

Special Story Mission – Need 20 Chemisty

Episode 7

“Just leave it to me!”
“I’m still inexperienced, but…”
“I’m looking forward to it, too!” (+2)

They’re all too expensive. (+2)
A cute one.
A simple one.

Special Story Mission – Need 30 Chemisty

Episode 8

“Are you embarassed?”
“Don’t leave me like that.”
“I heard all I needed to.” (+2)

Say nothing.
Tell him he’s horrible.
Tell him you have pride. (+2)

Episode 9

“Because love is stupid?”
“You’ve never written one?”
“Sorry.” (+2)

Shake your head no.
“That’s not like you.”
“Thanks.” (+2)

Mission –
Sweet Route:
 Elegant VIP Outfit (8 Gems)
Normal Route: Kiss Mark Bag (5 Gem/6000pt)

Episode 10

“You still love her, don’t you?”
“They’re not pathetic.”
“You’re lying.” (+2)

Mission – 25000 Trust Factor

Take a break on the sofa.
Get some water.
Start cleaning up. (+2)

Special Story Mission – Need 40 Chemisty

Episode 11

Talk about Kenzan.
Offer to make coffee.
Leave. (+2)

“Hibiki Shiina”
“Hibiki…?” (+2)

Episode 12

“Thank you.” (+2)
“You like this style?”
“Does it look okay?”

Special Story Mission – Need 50 Chemisty

“Good work.”
“So you finished it.”
“It was wonderful.” (+2)

Episode 13

“I don’t want to doubt him.”
“I just know I’m right.”
“I trust him.” (+2)

“I can’t believe this.”
“It can’t be helped.”
“You don’t believe me.” (+2)

Episode 14

“I don’t remember.”
“He gets a lot of packages.”
“I didn’t see anything.” (+2)

Special Story Mission – Need 70 Chemisty

“No they wouldn’t!” (+2)
“I understand how you feel.”

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