Walkthrough – Sleepless Cinderella Party – Satsuki Kitaoji Season 2


  • Happy End – 20000 Trust Factor
  • Super Happy Ending – 20000 Trust Factor & 60 Chemistry

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Episode 1

Hem and haw.
Turn him down. (+2)

Think about it.
Take it. (+2)
Refuse it.

Episode 2

Mission – 3000+ Trust Factor

“At a hotel party.” (+2)
“Reporting at the Cendrillon.”

“I got here as soon as I could.”
“I missed you, too.” (+2)
“Not in front of everyone!”

Episode 3

“You look good, too.”
“Oh, stop.”
“Thank you.” (+2)

Smile at him. (+2)
Saty silent.
Shake your head.

Special Story Mission – Need 10 Chemisty

Episode 4

“Don’t be sorry.” (+2)
“I can always finish work later.”
“You look awful.”

Mission –
Sweet Route:
 Blue Dot Dress Outfit (4 Gems)
Normal Route: Black Rose Pumps (2 Gem/2400 Salary)

You’re worried. (+2)
Happily accept.

Episode 5

“It’s almost unreal.”
“Of course I do!” (+2)
“It’s too much.”

Leave it.
Try picking up.
It might be for work. (+2)

Episode 6

Smile at him.
Apologize to Shoko. (+2)
Look down in shame.

Special Story Mission – Need 30 Chemisty

Get all nervous.
Stare at him.
Lean on him. (+2)

Episode 7

You have to think this over more. (+2)
You can’t.
You want to go with him.

Mission – 10000+ Trust Factor

Smile vaguely.
Nod silently.
Give them a straight answer. (+2)

Episode 8

Get angry.
Run over to him. (+2)

Tke a sip of your drink.
Be happy. (+2)

Mission –
Sweet Route:
 NY Casual Outfit (10 Gems)
Normal Route: Yellow Suitcase (5 Gem/6000 Salary)

Episode 9

Try to get out of the car.
Open the window. (+2)

Special Story Mission – Need 32? Chemisty
I read a special story, but don’t remember seeing a mission. I was at 32 Chemistry. Need confirmation if it was a chemistry check or just a random special story.

Apologize for being late.
Give him the flowers.
Congradulate him. (+2)

Episode 10

“You’re too close.”
“Listen to me.”
“Are you going to kiss me?” (+2)

Say nothing.
Be honest. (+2)

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