Walkthrough – Sleepless Cinderella Party – Satsuki Kitaoji


  • Happy End – 31000 Trust Factor
  • Secret Happy Ending – 42000 Trust Factor
  • Secret Ending – 42000 Trust Factor + 80 Chemistry

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Episode 1

Did I… (+2)
Tell me.
Where are my clothes?

I’ll be fine.
It’s okay. I’m going to run to work. (+2)

Episode 2

Mission – 1000 Trust Factor

Yes. (+2)
What about you?
I’ve been looking for you.

Mission –
Sweet Route:
 Vintage Style Outfit (3 Gems)
Normal Route: Red Pumps (1 Gem/1200pt)

Of courses I’ll go!
I can’t.
Are you sure you want me to? (+2)

Episode 3

Call for help.
Approach them.
Talk to them. (+2)

Keep quiet.
Think about it.
Just come straight out with it.

Special Story Mission – Need 10 Chemisty

Episode 4

Be angry.
Be happy (+2)
Be confused.

I got pretty tired, actually.
I’m glad you think so.
I had a lot of fun, too. (+2)

Episode 5

That isn’t like you.
We should cook.
We shouldn’t go out. (+2)

Deny it. (+2)
Play along.
Get embarrassed.

Special Story Mission – Need 20 Chemisty

Episode 6

Try a different store.
Think of another way to get in.
Try again. (+2)

Mission – 8000 Trust Factor

You’re working too hard.
Well, that’s rude.
Are you thinking about work? (+2)

Episode 7

Have you had dinner yet?
Are you hiding something? (+2)
Don’t ask him anything.

It’s a little embarrassing…
Of course. (+2)

Special Story Mission – Need 30 Chemisty

Episode 8

We’ve been waiting for you. (+2)
You’re late.

I have a business trip.
I’m going on vacation.
To tell you the truth… (+2)

Episode 9

Bow to the maids.
Bow to the butler. (+2)
Bow to Satsuki.

He’s showing me back to my room.
We were just talking.
He helped me. (+2)

Special Story Mission – Need 40 Chemisty

Episode 10

I get that all the time.
I think you’re the interesting one.
Interesting…? (+2)

Get up and leave.
Scold him. (+2)

Mission – 25000 Trust Factor

Episode 11

Ask Satsuki
I have work.
I’d rather not. (+2)

I had fun, too. (+2)
I was a little nervous.
It really brings back memories.

Special Story Mission – Need 50 Chemisty

Episode 12

Can you help me with it?
Of course I can! (+2)
I’m not that confident…

Mission –
Sweet Route:
 Urban Style Outfit (8 Gems)
Normal Route: Black Shoulder Bag (5 Gem/6000pt)

I can’t write it.
It’s my best work yet.
It’s just about finished. (+2)

Episode 13

It’s just your imagination.
I couldn’t sleep last night.
I think I just woke up too early. (+2)

Hesitate answering. (+2)
It has nothing to do with Satsuki.
Shrug it off with a smile.

Special Story Mission – Need 70 Chemisty

Episode 14

“Okay, I’m coming.”
“Can I stay just a little longer?”
Don’t move. (+2)

I’m not going to Italy.
Mike is my friend.
I’ll stay with you. (+2)

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