Walkthrough – Wizardess Heart – Alfonse

Alfonse is one of the most generous and kind-hearted men in the world. Regardless of who you are, he treats people well and is always smiling.

Endings –

  • Unhappy Ending – 0 – 225? Intimacy
  • Normal Ending – 226 – 338? Intimacy
  • Happy Ending – 338+? Intimacy

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Walkthrough completion being provided by Amethyst Faerie Hekela, Riko Valeriena, wapainteractivo

Chapter 1

1.12 Magic Challenge – Need 500pt Magic Grade to continue

Part 12

“Thank you.” (+7 Intimacy)
“It looks like it.”

Part 14

“That was amazing!”
“Are you all right?”  (+7 Intimacy)

Chapter 2

Part 5

“I’m jealous of you.”  (+7 Intimacy)
“Do you get along with them?”

Part 14

“It’s not all bad.” (+7 intimacy)

Chapter 3

Part 3

“All right.”
“But..” (+7 intimacy)

3.10 Magic Challenge – Need 3000pt Magic Grade to continue

Part 11

“N-No way .”
“Well, maybe.” (+7 intimacy)

Chapter 4

Part 2

“I know.” (+7 intimacy)
“Wh-Why would you say that…?”

Part 13

“Thank you.” (+7 intimacy)
“Oh.. I don’t think so.”

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