Streaming – Collar x Malice

by Vehura
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We’re going to start Collar x Malice November early!

I have not played ANY of this game and all I know is the very basic information about the game posted above. Join me for a blind playthrough of the game the whole month of November!

Please remember that, since I am playing this blind, no spoilers in the chat. If I say something about a character that is proven to be not true about their character later on, I don’t what to know about it. Thank you.

Official Site (links to buy are there)
Otome Obsessed Twitch channel

The purpose of the Twitch Stream is to introduce people to pay otome games as a demo/preview and never finish a game. In fact, I don’t even like finishing a route. Come see the game for its story, characters, and game mechanics, and, if you are enjoying it, please consider supporting otome by purchasing a copy of the game for yourself~!