A3! Event, “The Great Sardine Search,” Has Started

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A3! actor-training game by Liber Entertainment and CYBIRD’s newest event features SSR Yuki and SR Muku in a cat-themed stage play.

Event Plot

This is a story of a small town, Iwashi, tucked away in a sleepy corner of a world inhabited exclusively by cats…

One day, Shiro and Kuro are chewing on their minnows as usual, when the traveling kitty Nora wanders back into town.

When they ask Nora about the journey, he launches into a tale of a legend he heard during his travels.

According to this legend, in Fish Valley, there lies hidden a treasure that can make any cat weak in the knees: Sardines.

Their curiosity piqued, the trio set out on The Great Sardine Search…

Event Details

During Events, collect Event Pts to unlock the Event Story and get Event Prizes! The more Event Pts you get, the more Prizes you’ll receive, including event exclusive Actors!

How many Event Pts you have will determine your Event Rank. Get a high ranks for get special rank-only Prizes!

Event Cards

Special Rules

Special Actors in the Event: During Events, Actors with a Special Actor (purple star on the top right) icon will appear. Using Special Actors during Events will net players a Special Actor Bonus. Special Actors will boost the Co, Ac, and DR during Event Shows. This will not occur is the Special Actor is placed in a supporting role. The more special actors in the show, the higher your bonus. Bloomed Special Actors will net even higher bonus.

These cards can be found in the Associated Tryout on the Tryouts screen and acquired from the event.

Special Actors with Event

  • SSR [Our Little Kitty Secret] Kazunari
  • SSR [Selfish Felin] Yuki
  • SR [Hands Off, Please] Tenma
  • SR [Cat At Attention] Muku
  • R [The Great Sardine Search] Misumi

How to Enter the Event

Players must have cleared all Newbie Missions and then tap the Event Banner on the homepage screen to enter the Event Page.

Event Schedule

January 9 to January 19, 11:59 PM PT
Please check your game to confirm times.

Event Tips

  • The first few events are going to be difficult, especially if you don’t have sold teams of SSRs and event cards. To get the most out of your SP, you need event cards from the corresponding Tryout in order to do your best in the event. Save your gems for Tryouts that have these special cards in them and not the regular tryouts.
  • If you want to get the event card with points, you will HAVE TO USE GEMS. Just playing normally will not get you there. Also, reserve using gems for Encores as they give you the most points.
  • With that said you are not obligated to do an Event Show. Some shows give out more points than others, figure out which ones and focus on those shows.
  • After you finish an event show, and if you are still in a practice, pause the practice and let your SP fill. This way, if you do get another event show, you can go again with full SP.
  • Set an alarm so you know when you are at full SP to go.
    • 1SP = 20mins
    • 2SP = 40mins
    • 3SP = 1hr
    • 4SP = 1hr20mins
    • 5SP = 1hr40mins
  • If you are able to finish a practice and you need to wait for your SP to fill, do main/daily practice to use up your LP.

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