A3! has a Release Date, Twitter Follow Campaign

A3 title

Highly anticipated, actor-training game A3! has a lot in store for player with its upcoming mobile release.

At October 10th at 2am CST, the official Twitter account for A3! tweeted that the game has two weeks left until its release.

Not only that, but they revealed a twitter campaign where, the more people who follow the A3! official twitter, the more in-game items the players will get! this includes up to 150 gems (premium currency), 2000 friends points, and up to 6 training items.

Virtual Youtuber Aimu Sora did an introduction for the game on his youtube channel and then asked people to vote for their favorite character in a poll.

If you are interested in A3! and would like to know more, I have written a short article about the game that you can read about.

Make sure you follow the EN twitter for in-game items when the game is released!

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