Akaseka is Placed on Indefinite Hold

by Vehura
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On Monday, the Akaseka facebook page made the announcement. The same announcement was made two hours later on their twitter account.

Dearest Miko,

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we regret to inform you that the English release of AKASEKA has been put on indefinite hold.
We sincerely apologize for this development!

To thank everyone for their love and support, we will be conducting a special event. 🐰🐰— Akaseka (@akaseka_eng) June 22, 2020

Join us in celebrating the journey up to this point, and win some commemorative gifts!— Akaseka (@akaseka_eng) June 22, 2020

Special thanks to: – The localization team –
🌸Translator: YukiKirikaya 🌸
🌸Special beta testers: Creaky, nightreader, and Tintin Midori🌸
🌸And all the Mikos who helped to point things out during the CBT! 🌸

Please accept our sincerest thanks, everyone!

The Akaseka Team— Akaseka (@akaseka_eng) June 22, 2020

While there were some issues with the beta version, poor translations, some translations not being done at all (which were said to have been fixed by hiring a native English-speaker), overall the game seemed interesting.

You can take part in a survey which they have presents prepared for random winners.

Period: 2020/06/22~2020/06/29
And more than 100 presents Inaba prepared for Miko-tachi!!https://t.co/Ncfbw1Bh9y— Akaseka (@akaseka_eng) June 22, 2020

About Akaseka

In Akaseka, you develop “Lunar Otoko” who have the same names as well-known Japanese historical figures and unlocking the stories through match-3 gameplay, players will experience an interactive story game which allow players to develop relationships with different men.

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