Aksys Announces New Otome Titles for the Nintendo Switch

On Friday, Aksys revealed that three Otomate titles will release next year on the Nintendo Switch.

Piofiore (Piofiore no Banshou) is the story of an orphan girl, Liliana Adornato who finds herself in the center of a mafia war in the town of Burlone. After finding out that seems to be a target, Liliana is taken in by Burlone Mafia. The current title is its working title and may change once a release date is set.

Gilbert Redford is here to wink at you.

In Cafe Enchante (Gensou Kissa Enchanté), you play as Kotone Awaki who inherits her grandfather’s cafe only to realize that patrons are non-humans. The game is set to be released in October 2019 in Japan. Because it is unreleased, there is still not a lot of information. Love interests include the Headless Horseman who has a gardening hobby and a flame demon who has an appetite for meat dishes.

Kotone seems not to sure about this.

The other announcement is that CollarxMalice and its fandisk, CollarxMalice -Unlimited-, will also be receiving Switch releases. Originally released in July 2017, CollarxMalice can currently be played on the Playstation Vita. CollarxMalice -Unlimited- includes not only extra stories with the guys, but also the Interlude during the X-day incident, the after story of when X-day has ended, and the extra story of Adonis members.

There is no set release date for any of these titles other than 2020. Otome Obsessed will report more information as it comes out.

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