Amnesia Memories + Later x Crowd Is Getting a Fall 2022 Release

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Idea Factory International has announced the release of the Amnesia Memories series for Nintendo Switch

Idea Factory International made the announcement at the NGPX showcase.

Amnesia: Memories takes players on a romantic adventure to find the truth behind your memory loss, with five romantic paths that branch off into 20+ endings.

The companion compilation, Amnesia: Later x Crowd, brings two Amnesia games previously only released in Japan to Western audiences.

Players can wishlist the Standard Edition or Limited Edition for both Amnesia: Memories and Amnesia: Later x Crowd at the IFI Online Store.

Amnesia: Memories

In Amnesia: Memories, players will wake up as the mysterious Heroine, who has no memory of who she is. A friendly spirit named Orion will appear to help you regain your memories as you explore your world and remember those closest to you.

Amnesia: Memories Features:

  • Paths of Love – Select one of five guys as your love interest, each with multiple branching story paths. Each choice creates a distinct world where characters assume different roles, allowing for 20+ endings!
  • Show Your Affection – Parameters affect your relationship with your future love. Keep track of your relationship here and make sure you’re not headed to a bad ending!
  • Love of the Game – Play mini-games like Rock, Paper, Scissors and Air Hockey against other characters.
  • Love is Worth A Thousand Words – Unlock voiced images in the Gallery. Touching certain areas of the image will play dialogue of feelings that couldn’t be previously expressed.


Later x Crowd

A companion to Amnesia: Memories, Later x Crowd features a multitude of different story scenarios, as well as new mini-games. Deepen your relationship with the main characters and sub-characters of Amnesia: Memories and see what sparks!

Amnesia: Later x Crowd Features:

  • Amnesia: Later – Beginning with the enchanting storyline in NEW WORLD, you can unlock four different story scenarios, ranging from a study of the many sides of Waka in WAKA’S WORLD to AFTER STORY, which takes place after the events of Amnesia: Memories. Depending on the routes unlocked in AFTER STORY, you may even hear wedding bells…
  • Amnesia: Crowd – Enjoy even more story scenarios, like the thrilling what-if story of SUSPENSE, where you must interact with your environment to escape danger in each route. Plus, play a variety of café mini-games in WORKING or card games in TRUMP, earning Orion Points to unlock events.

To learn more about Amnesia: Memories and Amnesia: Later x Crowd, visit the Idea Factory International website, or follow them on TwitterFacebook and Instagram.


To learn more about Amnesia: Memories and Amnesia: Later x Crowd, check out the Official Website!

The Amnesia: Memories and Amnesia: Later x Crowd Limited Edition includes:

– Amnesia: Memories and/or Amnesia: Later x Crowd on Nintendo Switch

– Hardcover Art Book

– Official Soundtrack*

– 15 Bromide Card Set*

– Embossed Sleeve

– Steel Game Case
– Collector’s Box

– Trading Card*

*Art not final.

In Europe, a Day One Edition will launch alongside the Limited Edition for both titles, with details to be announced at a later date, so stay tuned and check out the Coming Soon Page!

Product Information

Title: Amnesia™: Memories, Amnesia™: Later x Crowd
Console: Nintendo Switch™
Release Date: Fall 2022
Release format: Nintendo Switch – Physical, Digital
Developer: Idea Factory/Design Factory
Publisher: Idea Factory International
Text Language: English
Audio:  Japanese, and Korean
Amnesia: Memories Rating: ESRB/PEGI/USK/ACB: T/12/16/R18+
Amnesia: Later x Crowd Rating: ESRB/PEGI/USK/ACB: TBA

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