Aoi’s “Book II -Lovers-” Coming Soon in Ayakashi: Romance Reborn

On July 12th, in game, it was announced that Aoi’s “Book II -Lovers-” will be released on July 16th with more information coming soon!

Aoi, the resident tsundere whom you meet early on in Dawn Chapter “Book I -Bonds,” is an art student who works at Milk Hall Raccord. He is one of five Ayakashi who work with the Main Character, Futaba, as she fights to rid the city of Wraiths.

In order to read Aoi’s “Book II -Lovers-” you have to finish reading Dawn Chapter “Book I -Bonds” and raise your Bond with Aoi to at least Rank 12. If you need to rank his bond up quickly, you can do so by placing him and you H.Q. Orders deck for when you do missions.

For more information, you can see the links below or check out the Ayakashi: Romance Reborn Game Page.

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