Ayakashi: Romance Reborn Event “Glimmering Snowdrops” Information

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Ayakashi: Romance Reborn by Voltage Otome Romance event features SSR Shizuki and SR Oji.

Event Plot

Winter has come to the Capital, and trouble is afoot. While Shizuki investigates, a strange black box arrives at Raccord…

How To Play Basics

To earn points for rewards, you go on Special Event Patrols that have random Duel Encounters with Akayashi that will earn you Event Points. To go on Patrol, you will need to use you LP.

This event has two types of rewards, Points Rewards from collecting Event Points and Ranking Rewards based on your final Event Point number compared to other players.

You can also earn a badge for ranking at the top of the event.

Make sure to have you duel deck optimized to help you win the duels. Powering up your cards via leveling them with points or Spirit Board upgrades will help.

The event also has a 10-episode story to read.

Event Card

Note: Cards available at 1 million, 2 million, 2.5 million, 3 million, and 3.5 million
Note: Cards available at 150k, 360k, 700k, 1.2 million, and 1.5 million

Premium Cards

By using cards from specific draws, you can gain an added effect bonus to those cards’ power and to your event points. These cards can only be collect through Draws using Diamonds.

Premium Card Draws for this event

  • Snow Covered Capital Draw
  • Glimmering Snowdrops Event

How to Enter the Event

All you must do to enter the event is finish the Beginner Mission. You cannot start the event without them.

Event Schedule

October 15, 3:00AM UTC to October 25, 2:59 AM UTC
Please check your game for times.

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