Bustafellows – Memorabilia

by Vehura
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Having trouble getting all of the Memorabilia? Here is a guide for where they are!

001CHAPTER1Clear Chapter 1
002CHAPTER1Select “About this city’s crimes”
003CHAPTER1Select “About this city’s entertainment”
004CHAPTER1Select “About this city’s people”
005CHAPTER1Select “It was a shoehorn” or time out
006CHAPTER1Pay for two cups of coffee
007CHAPTER2Chapter clear
008CHAPTER2“Time runs out” when asked who to judge
009CHAPTER2Select “Compete” or “Rubbing the outside of the coin with your index finger” at the motel
010CHAPTER3Chapter clear
011CHAPTER3The cat answers to Max (Affection is highest for Limbo)
012CHAPTER3The cat answers to Cat (Affection is highest for Shu)
013CHAPTER3The cat answers to Teuta (Affection is highest for Helvetica)
014CHAPTER3The cat answers to Ana (Affection is highest for Mozu)
015CHAPTER3The cat answers to Ginger (Affection is highest for Scarecrow)
016CHAPTER4Chapter clear
017CHAPTER4Limbo chose the swimsuit
018CHAPTER4Shu chose the swimsuit
019CHAPTER4Helvetica chose the swimsuit
020CHAPTER4Mozu chose the swimsuit
021CHAPTER4Scarecrow chose the swimsuit
022LimboClear LIMBO side: A with maximum likability
023LimboDon’t scribble on Limbo’s face
024LimboBAD END (A) / Select “I’m against it” with Navid’s proposal
025LimboBAD END (B) / Select “Cast my life away from Limbo” in the bathroom
026LimboClear LIMBO side: B
027ShuClear SHU side: A with maximum favorability
028ShuSelect “Just quit smoking” in Chapter 2 and get into Shu’s route to the poolside scene
029ShuSelect “There’s a smoke corner over there” in Chapter 2 and get into Shu’s route to the poolside scene
030ShuBAD END / Select “Untie the cable tie” when restrained
031ShuClear SHU side: B
032HelveticaHELVETICA side: Clear A with maximum favorability
033HelveticaBAD END / Select “Leave it to the others” in front of the bathroom
034HelveticaEnter “1218” at the first passcode entry
035HelveticaHELVETICA side: Clear B
036ShrikeClear MOZU side: A with maximum likability
037ShrikeBAD END / Select “You have to help Professor Troy!”
038ShrikeClear MOZU side: B
039ScarecrowClear SCARECROW side: A with maximum favorability
040ScarecrowBAD END / Select “Stop Scarecrow” when contacting Scarecrow
041ScarecrowSCARECROW side: Clear B
042FULL CIRCLEEpisode clear
043AULD LANG SYNEEpisode clear
044EXTRAJOKER / Select “Middle”, “Keep playing as-is”, “I’m not swapping them out and that’s final!”
045EXTRAJOKER / Select “Left”
046EXTRAJOKER / Select “Right” or “Keep playing as-is”
047EXTRARead Patent Troll
048EXTRARead One and Only
049EXTRARead Wrong Number
050EXTRARead Interview with “S”
051EXTRARead Fleeting Joy
052EXTRARead Chain Smoker
053EXTRARead Meatloaf
054EXTRARead Meat Sauce
055EXTRARead Ceviche
056EXTRARead Chop Suey
057EXTRARead Hamburg Steak
058EXTRARead all Archives
059EXTRAListen to a song on the Music Player
060EXTRAGet all Memorabilia

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