“Byakko-tai Samurai Boys” Released for Nintendo Switch

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Carve out your destiny as you live through stories of love that you shouldn’t follow

It is 1868, the twilight hours of the Tokugawa Shogunate in the small land of Aizu Domain. One day, you and your brother Chitose begin serving at Nisshinkan School. With your brother as acting instructor and yourself as assistant, you show your schoolmates how to better wield a sword. The retainers near Tsuruga-jo Castle in Aizu Domain send their children to Nisshin-kan School to train from the age of ten. Their minds are refined and skills sharpened to serve their lord and land. For some time peaceful days pass and friendships deepen.

However, war breaks out in Aizu Domain between the Tokugawa shogunate forces and the new government army. Eventually, the young men of Nisshin-kan and others in are shipped off to the battlefield the as Byakko-tai. Meanwhile, in the midst of the loud horns of the battle, you are faced with a pressing decision… …one that may shape your fates and your lives.



Chisato (name can be changed) Kanome – The main character. She’s a swordplay instructor along with her elder brother at the Nisshinkan school.

Mineji Sakai – The main character’s childhood friend. He is eager to learn and has a sharp tongue, but he seems to want something more. He learned swordplay from Chitose and has the capacity to excel in the corps.

Matahachi Ito – Younger than the main character, he is reliable, but rude. Though he doesn’t seem to care what others think about him.

Gisaburo Shinoda – Good at literary and military arts, he excels at the school especailly in gunnery. He is strict with everyone, even himself.

Chitose Kanome – Elder brother to the main character, he is a swordplay instructor at the school. While he is mostly gentle, he is very protective of his younger sister.

Kotaro Saitani – A man who runs a store called “Nishikiya” in town. Since he’s not from Aizu, he was not required to enter the school. He is a bright and positive person.

Narihira Agatsuma – A mysterious man who lives at “Nishikiya.” His personality comes off as aloof. He enjoys composing poems.

Towako Yamamoto – The gunnary instructor at Nisshinkan. She has a strong spirit and cares for the Chitose as a younger sister. But she seems to have a secret…

Game: Byakko-tai Samurai Boys
Publisher: OperaHouse Corporation
Release Date: February 4rd, 2021
System: Nintendo Switch™/ Download Only
Rating: Teen
Price: $19.99(US) , €19.99 (EUR)
Text Language: English
Audio: None
Nintendo eShop (US): https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/byakko-tai-samurai-boys-switch/
Nintendo eShop (FR): https://www.nintendo.fr/Jeux/Jeux-a-telecharger-sur-Nintendo-Switch/Byakko-tai-Samurai-Boys-1908861.html
Nintendo eShop (UK & IE): https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-Switch-download-software/Byakko-tai-Samurai-Boys-1908861.html

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