Vehura Reviews – Sweet Scandal [My Love Report]

Some handsome guys. Hooray!

[Picture: some handsome guys. Hooray!]

Note: This review is NOT for Sweet Scandal Returns even though, storywise, they are the same game.

Note: This game has since been discontinued and removed from app stores. Thus, can no longer be played.

Sweet Scandal is a free to play otome game by OKKO/Arithmetic where the basic premise you are a journalist who has been given your dream assignment: control over the famous women magazine Queen’s very popular ‘Total Coverage’ section. When this review was posted, three potential routes are available.

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Vehura Reviews – Celebrity Darling for Gree

Say hello to Kyosuke and Natsuki, who you can’t date in the English version of the game. *waves* (Haha. Get it? Wave… I’m hilarious.)

When you jump head first into the entertainment industry to make your dreams come true, what do you find waiting for you? A life-changing, non-stop scandal with the hottest boys in the business!  Your turbulent life in the industry is filled with trials—but what will be the future of your scandalous romance? A popstar, an actress, a singer… decide which path you’ll take, and aim for the top!

Note: This game has been discontinued and you can no longer play it.

Celebrity Darling is a free-to-play otome game by Voltage Inc. (I wish they’d release a pay version). It is one of the first otome games I started playing and the first that I completed, so it holds a special place in my heart.

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