Taisho x Alice and IkeSen Nobunaga Eternal Ending have been released

Taisho x Alice

In the beginning, you find yourself lost within a world of utter darkness. Your memories are gone; even your name is a mystery.

It’s REALLY important that you buy this game as soon as you can as it will decide if the other episodes will be released! Audio is Japanese and text is in English, Simplified Chinese, and Japanese!

If you don’t know if you want to get the game or not, I will be streaming it the whole month of December if you want to come see what it is about! Follow my twitter for my streaming schedule!

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Ikemen Sengoku Nobunaga Oda Eternal Ending

Nobunaga’s walkthrough has been updated to add the answers to the new ending. 

Reminder that you have to clear both Dramatic AND Romantic ends in order to read the Eternal end. 

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Walkthrough – Ikemen Vampire – Arthur Conan Doyle

Arthur is a British writer known for his series of detective fiction starring the titular Sherlock Holmes. He has a quick wit, but his flippant attitude keeps him from forming deep relationships. A playboy by nature, he’s instantly attracted to you. His reason for coming to the mansion seem to be tied to his own writing.

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