Otome Obsessed is a website that promotes Japanese romance games (called otome). The site covers everything from game walkthroughs, in-game event information, new games releases, as well as comments from the site owner.

The purpose is to bring awareness of the growing international otome market and to help companies wishing to break into it, succeed through reviews as well as giving game visibility.

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  • I am not customer service for a game and if you are having issues in a game you are playing, please use the Contact or read Help sections in that app to get help. I do not work for any otome companies.
  • Most (if not all) games have a Help section with a ‘How to Play’ to help you understand how to play their game. I highly recommend that you read that before asking me questions about how to play as you will more than likely get your question answered quicker.
  • Please do NOT send me walkthroughs through this form. That is not its purposes. There is a walkthrough wiki for that purpose. Anything that is not an inquiry sent through this form will be deleted.
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