Submit a Walkthrough

Otome Obsessed is currently run by a single person. Because of that, I am going to miss games OR not have time to run new games.

With that, I gladly welcome any help!

Go to a game that is listed, if you don’t see a walkthrough on that page for a character, and you have a completed walkthrough, please submit it using the form below.

Thank you!

Please do not take walkthroughs from other sites. Please run the walkthrough yourself. I suggest you take screenshots of choice to keep track of the choices and your answers. I may request you send them to me to confirm.


Also note that your walkthrough does not have to be 100% correct. You can submit to me whatever you have and hopefully, down the line, either I will play it to fill in the blanks or another person will. Whatever you have is good enough! 🙂

When submitting your walkthrough, please do not use bold or italics to designate which answer is correct. The form will not capture this information. Instead mark the correct answer with a < at the end.
A. Do the thing
B. Don’t do the thing. <

This form is also not for submitting additions to existing walkthroughs. If there is already a walkthrough, please go to that page and add updates in the comment section.

Before you comment, please remember the following:

  • Posting a spoiler? Use the spoiler tag (COPY ALL OF THE FOLLOWING):
    [spoiler]<spoiler>your spoiler goes here</spoiler>
  • Do not link/discuss to cheats, full gameplay, voiced parts, or premium content that requires players to spend real money to obtain them.
  • Use the flagging system instead of engaging with people possibly trolling.
  • For more rules, see the Comment Policy.