Cybird Debuts the “I’m Sora Project” featuring Aimu Sora, a Bilingual Virtual Youtuber

by Vehura
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The project aims to introduce Japanese content, culture, otaku sightseeing spots, etc. for women, and conversely, overseas culture and trends etc. to Japan.

Character design by Utako Yukihiro (most known for the popular BPro), Sora being bilingual is not only a mere video distribution, to challenge the corner and also music distribution to teach Japanese and English.

Sora’s debut video

“We are all under the same sky.”

The first exhibition of the ‘I’m Sora Project’ is from 4th of July (Thursday) to the 7th (Sunday) of July 19th, 2019, at the largest anime event “ANIME EXPO 2019” in North America. You can view the more about the project at Cybird’s (Booth # 1206).

There is also a planned talk show of “Sukihiro Utako Sensei” (July 6th), a signing event (July 6th and 7th July), and visitors to the booth can also talk with “Sora.” Goods such as acrylic stands and can badges will also be available for purchase. 

Detailed information about the event will be released on Sora’s social media.

I Am Sora Official Links

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