CYBIRD Reveals Ikemen 5th Anniversary General Election Results

by Vehura
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Ikemen General Election

In its 5th annual general election, CYBIRD took in votes via a retweet campaign on Twitter.

Votes were from all 13 Ikemen games and 159 characters. Each game had a character rank and then an overall rank.

Masamune comes out first in the Ikemen Sengoku rank!

Louis wins the top spot in the Midnight Cinderella rank!

Okita wins over Hijikata in the Destined to Love rank!

In the upcoming Ikemen Revolution, King of Spades Ray Blackwell wins first! Followed by Queen of Hearts Jonah Clemence, Jack of Spades Luka Clemence, Queen of Spades Sirius Oswald, and Ace of Spades Fenrir Godspeed.

And finally, Luca Sinclair wins the top spot for Love, Lies, and a Heist!

Here is the overall chart!

And Masamune Date is the King of the general election!


Do you see your favorite on the Top 80? Let me know who it is and his rank in the comments below!

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