December 30th & 31th Live Stream

by Vehura

You have been living a hard life all this while trying to find a job.
One day, you were stopped by some delinquents on the road at night and was saved by a mysterious black-haired young man.


With his offer, you attended a celebrities’ party. When you were there, you helped a lady who spilled wine on herself and you were soon hired as a servant in that mansion.

At that moment, you were thrilled as you’re finally employed, but waiting for you in that mansion are various unexpected things that will happen between you and a pair of twins with very unique personalities…!

“A commoner like me can’t understand any of this! Is this how celebrities live?!”

Same faces but completely different personalities!
Your heart is wavered by being between these same two faces!
Where would you go from here…?

I’m not gonna sugar coat this, we are in for a bad time. Genius has a tendency to have decent basic concepts, but their follow through is some of the worst writing I have seen. I don’t expect this game to do anything different from the usual.

Also, “unique?” One is a playboy, the other is a snobby jerk…

Live Stream is every Saturday (8pmCST~10pmCST) and Sunday (3pmCST~5pmCST)

The purpose of the stream is to introduce people to pay otome games as a demo/preview and never finish a game. In fact, I don’t even like finishing a route. Come see the game for its story, characters, and game mechanics, and, if you are enjoying it, please consider supporting otome by purchasing a copy of the game for yourself~!


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