Digimerce Releases Demo Versions of Kitty Love and Iris School of Wizardry

Try these two Switch demos of Digimerce’s OPERAHOUSE release before you buy them today!

Releasing demo versions of digital Switch releases is becoming more popular and as more titles make the more to the platform, it’s important for potential buys to try before they buy.

Because of this, Digimerce has moved forward with releasing demo versions of two more of their titles: Kitty Love-Way to look for love- and Iris School of Wizardry-Vinculum Hearts-.

Both games have boast a cast of well known voice actors and have both received updated translations compared to when they were first released.

Kitty Love Cast
Kitty Love cast

Digimerce has updated the translations for all their titles after receiving feedback. So, if you were originally turned off by the original translation upon a game’s release, please note that this demo version, you can play and decide if you are happy with the translation.

ISW Characters Image
ISW Cast

Otome Obesessed has reviewed both of these releases, Kitty Love and Iris School of Wizardry.

System: Nintendo Switch™ / Download Only
Price: $24.99USD
Text Language: English
Audio: Japanese
Shop Page: Iris School of Wizardry-Vinculum Hearts-
Shop Page: Kitty Love-Way to look for love-

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