“Eden of Ikemen: Love in a Lost World” to be Released Soon

by Vehura
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Eden of Ikemen: Love in a Lost World is a suspense/survival themed otome game will be released on mobile this summer.

AbracadabraGames has recently released more information about their upcoming otome game, Eden of Ikemen.

Joshua Hacking Official Twitter

Joshua, a love interest in the game, seems to be on a certain luxurious cruise ship and he’s been tweeting about the experience. Not only that, he’s been flirting with followers along with images of people on the ship.

Leave a comment and he may respond to you. But be careful! The guy is a wanted criminal! You don’t want him to set his eyes on you or your life will be in danger!

Joshua Route Teaser PV

Joshua is notorious for being an eccentric con-artist, but what lies beneath that mask? Find out through this video! 

Release Date

The game is set to be released at the beginning of August only a few weeks away.

It is recommended that you follow the game’s social media on either Facebook or Twitter, not only to keep up-to-date in game information, but also, doing so will pre-register you for the game! The more people who follow their social media and pre-register, the more rewards players will get when the game releases.

Check out the official website: https://en.game.loveinalostworld.com/

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