“EPHEMERAL -FANTASY ON DARK-” Coming to Nintendo Switch on January 21st

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A forbidden campus love story across races, between Cloé and other Residents of the Dark.

Dark Fantasy X Campus Love Adventure coming to Nintendo Switch!

Featuring full Japanese voice acting by the stellar cast of Takashi Kondo, Shun Horie, Kazuyuki Okitsu and Toshiyuki Toyonaga as the charming Residents of the Dark in an ephemerally beautiful story!

Digital release of “EPHEMERAL -FANTASY ON DARK-” is scheduled for 21 January 2021 (Thu). Trial edition will be made available from 21 January 2021 (Thu) along with the actual release.

Features of Nintendo Switch™ Edition

Additional display language

The Switch edition features an interchangeable language option. Apart from Japanese text, players may switch the display language to English. (Voices in Japanese only)

Trial Edition

Release date: 21 January 2021 (Thu)
In the trial edition, players may unlock up to the opening chapters of each character. (Save data cannot be carried over to the actual copy of the game.)

World Concept

The world where the Residents of the Dark live

A world where only dark-dwelling monsters exist. The sun never rises, its residents live their lives as the moon rises and rest as it sets.

Campus Hierarchy

Amongst the residents, there a Hierarchy of Darkness. At the top of the hierarchy of races are the Mermaids, then Vampires and High-Class Devils. Those that reign above may use the “Obedience Order” to force those under them into absolute obedience. At the very bottom of the hierarchy lies the Zombies.

Our Heroine’s prestigious school

Alderic School only allows the elites as their students, and these students of various races live in the campus dormitory while enrolled here. By the order of the Principal, the use of “Obedience Order” is prohibited but…


Our heroine, Cloé, was born and raised in a caged town behind tall fences. All the residents of this town are zombies, like Cloé. Daily life in this town is peaceful…

Apart from the many suicides. Cloé has always wished to learn more about the outside world, and one day… Cloé receives an admission notice for a prestigious school, only enrolled by the elites of various races.

Werewolf, Invisible man, Vampire, Mummy… Enjoy a hierarchical school life with these charming residents of the dark! In this school, Cloé learns of the forbidden love across racial barrier…


【Love Interests】

Shiba cv. Takashi Kondo

Race: Werewolf
Friendly and good-natured, he loves to play tricks on others and always acts as the life of the party. Although he has his looks and style, he may not be what he appears to be……?

“No. I’ve got to change. Otherwise, I’ll be the embarrassment of my race!”

Nagi cv. Shun Horie

Race: Invisible Man
A good student with a gentle soul, he is a shy introvert with a lovable appearance. He seems to carry darkness within him, unnoticeable yet unforgettable once you see it.

“Will you…keep me in your memories?”

Ray cv. Kazuyuki Okitsu

Race: Vampire
He has pride in his race, and he has an intense weakness for beauty.
With an arrogant personality, he only takes blood from those with beautiful appearances.

“I’m in a lousy mood. Come, I require some of your blood.”

Natsume cv. Toshiyuki Toyonaga

Race: Mummy
Collected and reserved, he is known to draw a line between himself and others. Although he is a mummy of low-class, he is somehow very hard to miss. Cunning with an air of elegance around him, he is a mysterious person with a complicated personality.

“If you promise to be a good girl, I’ll play with you later.”


Cloé cv. None (※Changeable name)

Race: Zombie
A curious zombie girl. As she has been living in a secluded town for her race, she is unfamiliar with the hierarchy of races. Longing for the outside world, she is interested in a prestigious school attended by other races.

“Is it so terrible to grow old and decay?”

Additional Notes

Character Design: Kinami Nagahara
Scenario: Hiro Hirano
Produce: HuneX Co. Ltd.
Sales: dramatic create
Distribution: HuneXヒューネックス
Copyrights notation © HuneX
Twitter Hashtag #EPHEMERAL
※Part of the English translation in this game has been corrected.
※The storyline of the game remains identical to the Steam Edition released on 12 September 2018.

Release Date: January 21, 2021
System: Nintendo Switch™ / Download Only
Rating: Teen
Price: $37.99 USD
Text Language: English, Japanese
Audio: Japanese
Shop (US): https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/ephemeral-fantasy-on-dark-switch/
Official Website (in Japanese): http://dramaticcreate.com/ephemeral/

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