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There are a set of questions that are repeated over and over in the Liar Events. This post is a collection of those questions. However there is one issue…

Flirt time questions are timed. You have 15 seconds to make a decision or the game does it for you. Meaning a walkthrough for answers is going to be terrible for those of you on mobile only.

But you might be able to find what you are looking for in those 15 seconds?

Good luck~

Regarding Character Questions: Sometimes, you will be shown a question that features one of the Liar characters. These questions, when in an event, are actually specific to the event and are going to be saved in the walkthrough for that event. To find the current event, look on the sidebar (on desktop) or the greybox below the post notes that has the search bar on it (mobile).

To help those who are on their phone, I am slowly redoing this post to allow for the sections they are for (which displays in the bottom right corner of the question section). Click any link below that matches your question and hopefully I have it organized there already. OTL

Please note that sometimes the ABCD changes for some answers. Make sure the wording/meaning matches before selecting an answer.

Beauty | Fashion | Gourmet | Lifestyle | Event | Wedding | Guys


Which of these should you drink pre-workout to boost your metabolism??
C. Coffee

What is “Pong Dang Water”?
A. Water with dry fruits

Little known fact! Which of thrse foods can turn your teeth yellow?
D. Green onion

What can you drink in the bath to improve your skin’s beauty?
B. Green tea.

Which of the following is most effective in getting rid of cellulite?
B. Garlic

Zits can tell you about your health! What do nose spots mean?
C. Dirty Pores

What is this miracle food called, that can eave you full on just a little?
D. Chia seeds

Which of the follow will give your skin a healthy glow?
B. Vitamin C

Which of these is a facial massage point to combat dry, rough skin?
D. Outer corner of the eye

Which of these can lighten your freckles?
C. Lemon juice

You want to shampoo to soothe your scalp. What surface-active agent should you avoid?
A. Sodium lauryl sulfate.

What is collagen NOT good for?
C. Stronger immune system

Beauty lingo! What is ‘ceramide’ good for?
A. Moisturizing

You want to treat dry skin. What facial mask should you use?
B. Cream based

What is the best way to keep your teeth clean?
D. Avoid rinsing after brushing your teeth

Mistakes have the opposite effect! Which is the correct method for applying face lotion?
D. Press it in with your palms.

Recently, your makeup seems to fade easily off your face. What should you do?
D. Lather your face with lotion and moisturize!

Pimple alert! What should you NOT eat if you want to avoid pimples?
D. Chocolate

Your nail polish is too thick and you can’t use it! What should you do?
B. Add few drops of eye drop

After washing your face, what’s the 3rd cosmetic you should put on your face?
C. Moisturizer.

After washing your face, what’s the 4th cosmetic you should put on your face?
A. Cream

Beauticians love collagen, but what is it, exactly?
C. Hydrolyzed gelatin

What does ‘skin turnover’ mean in terms of beauty?
B. Regeneration cycle


Which type of dress has a fitted bodice ending just below the bust?
D. Empire Line

What do you call a purse without straps?
C. Clutch bag

Three-quarter-length pants with a wide & loose hem are called…?
A. Gaucho pants

What kind of bag should you use at a wedding?
B. Clutch

What type of sleeves makes you look slim?
D. Ruffled sleeves

How do you call a “print on print” style?
C. Tacky chic

What do you call a style where you layer up?
C. Layering fashion

What does “fast fashion” mean?
D. Trendy and affordable

What’s a shawl-like item you wear during winter?
A. Tippet.


What sort of snack is made from twisting dumpling wrappers on both ends?
B. Candy Wrappers

Recently ‘fuchi cookies’ have become a thing. What are they?
C. Cookies that hang on mugs.

Which of the following is NOT how to use a napkin in a restaurant?
A. Folding it nicely after eating.

Which of the following ways of using chopsticks is forbidden?
A. Pulling a dish towards you

Where do you put silverware after you’ve finished a meal?
B. At slight angle across plate

How should you NOT throw away cooking oil?
A. Pour it down the drain.

What’s a delicious secret ingredient in curry?
B. Chocolate

You and your beau at a high-class restaurant! He pours you some wine…
A. Raise your glass & make eye contact

What’s a reverse french manicure?
B. Painting the base of the nail instead of the tip

Which of the following dishes comes first in a six course meal?
D. Hors d’oeuvres

What does the dish arrabbiata mean in Italian ?
A. Angry

Which of the following is not an ingredient in a Cobb salad ?
A. Pineapple

Which of the listed drinks is known as “the King of Cocktails”?
B. Martini

You’re on a diet, but you’re craving a yummy hamburger. What do you order?
A. Portobello burger

What does drinking a fire ball say about you?
C. Feisty

What does regular chocolate contain that white chocolate doesn’t?
B. Cocoa mass

You’re enjoying a full-course Italian meal. What’s the proper way to eat your soup?
A. Scoop by moving your spoon away from you

What’s the Korean soup dish made with boiled ox meat and bones?
C. Seolleongtang

What kind of soup should you eat when you’re sick?
B. Chicken noodle soup

You’re on a diet, but want to drink. What should you order?
A. Whiskey

What does drinking a scotch say about you?
D. Sophisticated

A high-class Italian restaurant with a beau! What is served first?
A. Antipasto

What does drinking red wine says about you?
D. Relaxed

What does drinking a Margarita say about you?
B. Fun loving

What does drinking a sherry speak of you?
A. Adventurous

Which of the listed drinks is known as “the Queen of the Cocktails”?
C. Bloody Mary.

How do you know when chicken is fully cooked?
A. The juices run clear


Which of the follow illnesses are kids most likely to get in the summer?
B. Foot-in-Mouth Disease

Which of the follow illnesses is NOT common during the summertime?
D. Painful joints

A guy you like suffers from cedar allergies? What should he avoid?
D. Tomato Salad

Your suede shoes got dirty! What’s the best way to clean them?
A. Rub the stain off with an eraser

What’s a gesture that’s not okay to do in the UK?
B. Reverse peace sign.

Which of the following pillow materials shouldn’t go in the washing machine?
D. Cotton Stuffing

Which of these can be used to fix a stinky sink?
D. A copper coin

Hard to remove water marks in your tub getting you down? How do you get them off?
B. Vinegar

Which of the following shouldn’t you do when hanging a cotton duvet cover to dry outside?
A. Smack the dust off.

What type of broom material has the same effect as waxing your floor just by sweeping?
C. Hemp palm

What’s the wrong way to take care of your mattress?
B. Air it out in direct sunlight.

How do you wash washmere?
C. Dry-clean it.


What is something you shouldn’t do when you’re feeling seasick?
C. Read a book

What should you wrap chocolate in in order to keep the favor in?
A. Aluminum foil.

Can’t talk about Hawaii without mentioning Waikiki! What island is Waikiki on?
B. Oʻahu

What was the quintessentially Halloween Jack-o-Lantern originally?
C. Turnip

What should you NOT do to break in new shoes?

What is the etymology of the word “cruise”?
D. Cross

Which of these is not geographically in Europe?
C. Falkland Islands

Useful lingo! How do you say ‘thank you’ in Hawaiian?
B. Mahalo

Besides White Day, what day is March 14th?
D. Pie Day

What is a bad Valentine’s day gift?
C. Huge stuffed gorilla


What kind of present should you NOT give at a wedding?
C. Gift cards

When RSVPing to a wedding, what should you NOT do?
C. Use punctuation marks in message

Your best friend’s sent a wedding invite. What color pen should you RSVP with?
D. Black

Which of the following is NOT part of the tradition that a bride wears?
C. Something pink

Your friend’s sent you a wedding invite! When should you RSVP by?
A. Within 1 week

Which of the following is not a type of pre-wedding party?
A. Ladies rager.

Still organizing

Get cold easily? Ginger’s your new BFF! What way is the most effective?
D. Chinese soup with powdered ginger.

When traveling abroad, which of these can’t you take on a plane?
D. Pudding.

Your BMI tells you the amount of body fat based on height. How do you calculate BMI?
A. Weight(lbs) / (Height(ft)x Height(ft)) ?

A must before bed! Which of these can improve your sleep quality?
B. Stretching on your bed.

Vacationing in Europe! What’s a possible blunder when eating soup?
C. Always eating it front to back.

What are utensils like knives and forks otherwise referred to as?
D. Cutlery

You’ve dropped your fork at a high-class restaurant! What do you do?
B. Let the wait staff get it

To get that extra glow, detox! What is the best way to drink a detox drink?
D. Don’t eat anything besides detox drinks.

Which of the following is a two-stranded braid?
A. Fishtail braid

What is not appropriate in the table etiquette ?
D. Using chopstick to serve

If your body’s swollen from too much water and sodium intake, what should you drink ?
B. Rooibos Tea

Curse the day pimples came into life! What is your go-to color for your concealer?
C. Green

Which of the following facts on nails is NOT true? 
A. Nails need air to breathe

What does ‘detox’ mean in the beauty and health world? 
B. Remove toxins

Which flower says “I hate you” when given?
A. Orange lilies

For proper skin care, what cosmetic should you first put on after you wash your face?
B. Face lotion

When having English afternoon tea, what shouldn’t you do?
B. Eat cakes before scones

Tomorrow’s your friend’s wedding! What shoes should you wear?
A. Pumps

What do macrobiotic do in the beauty world?
A. Help you live longer

What does drinking a long island iced tea say about you?
A. Bold

Which is NOT appropriate drinking etiquette?
D. Drinking before a toast

Skincare 101: Which is the proper way to wash your face?
C. Whip up the face wash & gently stroke as you wash it off

Wanna sleep but can’t? Which of the following shouldn’t you do?
C. Drink green tea

Your eyes are tired… What should you eat for lunch?
C. Liver & chives stir-fry

Traveling tomorrow! What shouldn’t you do when packing your suitcase?
C. Put heavy stuff on top

Shedding much? Which of these drying methods can damage your hair?
B. Using a dryer set to ‘hot.’

What type of Hawaiian massage “kneads and soothes” the body?
B. Lomi Lomi massage

What do you call shorts that look like a skirt?
B. Skorts

Where did White Day originate?
C. Japan.

What should you not do at a wedding reception?
B. Getting wasted.

What must you NOT do when someone pours wine for you at a restaurant?
A. Lift the glass.

Which of the follow does not belong on a skewer?
A. Chives

When you want seafood pasta what should you order?
B. Pescatore

Character Specific Appeal Time Answers

Itaru Yukikawa

If I see a girl in a cute costume, this might be my reaction:
B. Blush and look away

Wanna go to THIS event with me soon?
A. Octokitty autograph sesh

My heart skipped a beat when I saw you like this…
B. Asleep

I need some exercise. Would you wannado THIS with me?
A. Rock-climbing

If I saw you while I was hanging out with a friend, what would I do?
A. Suggest your friend hang out elsewhere

What hobby am I really into lately?
A. Road biking

February 14th? No, I don’t have plans, why?
C. I want to spend it with you.

Thanks for the chocolates. Wait, there’s a gift too?
A. Wine. I thought we could drink it together.

That new guy’s popular. Do you think he’s hot, [name]?
C. Ooh, are you jealous?

Almost Christmas [Name]! How do you want to spend it?
D. “It’s all good as long as I’m with you.”

That new guy’s popular. Do you think he’s hot, [name]?/Are you interested in that new coworker of yours?
C. Ooh, are you jealous?/Are you… jealous?

Sotaro Shiga

When I’m hit on by a lady I’m not interested in, I do this…
B. Excuse yourself with a quick word

My mortal enemy could invite me out to eat THIS, and I’d still go.
D. Ramen

When you’re sick, I recommend eating this for breakfast.
C. Smoothie with lots of veggies

I’m sun burnt. Huh? You can do something for me?
B. Cool the skin with ice.

What’s the best way to get the low down on your travel destination?
A. Read a guidebook

Christmas cake? It’s gotta be…
C. Some kind of fruit cake

When I’m looking at a woman’s hands, one thing catches my attention: 
A. Veins

What’s the most important thing to keep in mind when running a restaurant?
A. Kitchen cleanliness

What do his patients call him?
C. Kokushimusoutaro

This Italian place’s soup is incredible. How would you eat it?
D. Scooping towards center from front.

Kunio Muroi

Where to go on a beach date
C. Wine bar

I want to get close with a lady on a night cruise. What would I do?
A. Get tipsy together

What type of girl am I into? That much should be obvious.
B. Curvy Bombshells

What do you wanna do for Christmas? I want to cuddle up with you.
C. “Could you be more specific?”

Makizushi is the best kind of sushi! What does “Maki” mean?”
B. Rolled.

I’d love to go to France’s wold heritage site. What’s it called again…?

Keima Katagiri

Date question
D. Ask them in front of people?

This is the best part of a night cruise.
D. The view of the city from the boat!

A girl can steal my heart by doing this on a group date:
A. Asking what food I don’t like.

When we went to Yamanashi on a class trip, what was wrong with you?
B. Hangover

I have it set up in my living room. What am I really into right now?
A. Chess

Partying with the ol’ college buddies is fun, but I wanna be alone with you.
D. “Wanna get out of here?”

Azusa Kurono

Can’t forget these when it comes to a funhouse date:
C. Haunted house

This is the basis with which I choose costumes for Halloween parties:
C. Matches my companion

Shaved ice? there’s no better flavor that THIS.
D. Blue Hawaii

The number one best thing about Christmas is…
B. Decorating the tree.

I’m going to a museum this weekend. Wanna come with?
C. Yeah! Let’s look around together!

Horoscope question
D. Cancer

Do you know the “Winter Triangle”? What star is NOT a part of it?
C. Altair

Movie Question

Kazumi Kagami

A hot summer day… Hm, how to cool down…?
D. A haunted house in the woods.

Sun bathing Question.

A quiet Christmas at home is nice. Want to listen to some music?
C. “Let’s put on some Christmas classics.”

Traveling to Tohoku? I would like to do something special
C Listen to local folktales

I’d like to see you in this hawaiian in Hawaii.
C. Off shoulder one piece

When things are rough at home, I love a girl who can do this for me:
C. Run over when I need her.

What’s the working title of the book I’m currently writing?
A. Wandering Moon

When is his birthday?
C. February 6th.

I wrote this book called Killing Spiral. What’s it about again?
A. A serial killer

I’d like to see you in this in Hawaii.
C Off shoulder one piece

I often come here when I want to let off some steam.
C. An observation deck

Shuto Matsuki

Is Santa Claus real?
B. “You’re my Santa, baby!”

What type of girl am I into? I think I answered that in an interview…
D. Family-oriented

The paparazzi won’t stop tailing us… You go on ahead!
C. Grab his hand and run.

The food at this restaurant is top quality! I especially recommend the…
C. Hamburger steak

Haruichi Mamiya

If I was approached by a woman I had no interest in on Halloween? Hmm…
A. Give her my business card

I like to start Hawaiian mornings with
B. Fresh-brewed kona coffee

I want to get ahead of my rival in love, so this is what I’m going to do.
C. Persuade her to come away with me.

If I were to order something from a sushi restaurant, it would be this.
C. Eel

Despite being from another company, I’ve received a great deal of chocolate…
B. Eat mine first!

I have heard rumors you’ve been spending a lot of time with the new guy…
C. We have a lot of projects together.

You want to give me a Valentine’s gift at work. Where should you do it?
A. Alone together in an empty room.

It seems work will keep us apart this Christmas…
C. “Can we meet in the evening?”

If you are feeling down about another man… I will take you here to cheer you up.
B. To a classy bar.

I want to get ahead of my rival in love, so this is what I’m going to do.
C. Persuade her to come away with me.

If you feel you’re being stalked. How do you get away?
D. Flag down a passing car

A simple thank you gift? I cannot wait to see what t is.
A. Chocolate

Joe Yazawa

I’m a regular at the VIP room here. What’ll I have them bring us?
D. Champagne and chocolates

Some question, I don’t even know.
A. Taking pictures matching the landscape

Do you know what kind of models I like?
A. Ones with character

Let’s get dressed to the nines on Christmas. What will you wear?
D. A sexy red dress.

Are my designs gonna cut it in the future? I wonder…
C. “I can’t wait to try on your new designs.”

Toya Kashi

You know what would be the greatest animal to see in the water of Hawaii?!
A. Sea Turtle

For a sweets competition I made something while thinking of you … What is it?
D. Peach and berry tart

Animals are so cute. I have a pet, actually… Whoa, you knew that?
C. Dog

I’m planning a Christmas dinner. What do you recommend?
C. Stollen

Are you good at baking? Want me to teach you?
A. I suck. Please teach me!

I might be too busy to meet up on Valentine’s Day…
B. Call me if you get the time.

I’m so glad you asked me for a recipe. Who’re you making it for?
B. You, Toya.

Kohei Kusunoki

At schoole festivals, this was always my job:
C. Flyer Designer

Special Thanks To: コロッケっ子, FinalShadows, Gin-chan, abyss-white, Kiryu Blair, octopussy, Jessie, CakeFizz, Meru, Pure, based-sana, Erika Furudo

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