Event – Ikemen Sengoku – Masamunes B-Day Fest 2018

by Vehura
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Masamune BD 2018 Graphic

On a moonless night, you team up with the warlords to shine a gift of light upon your lover.

“But whether the moon’s out or not, you always shine on me.”

This special night of Masamune’s birthday allow you two to speak promises of eternal love to each other–

Basic Info

  • Two hours open Glamour x2 fever.
  • Three parts, five chapters each, and three endings after the second part: Premium, Sweet, Secret. You can only read the Secret End after you have read both Premium and Sweet ends for that story. Premium requires an individual charm check to clear.
  • One Avatar Check per route +20 Beauty, 4000 Gold each
  • Personal Charm Premium Checks start at a 6000 and then go up that amount time the route number you are on.
  • There are no After Ends this event. Instead, there is a POV story sale for 700 coins that includes: a photo, a POV story, a voice clip, and an avatar item. You can also purchase last year’s birthday story if you haven’t already.

Clear Amounts . ( I did all Premium, then all Sweet, then all Secret.)

  • 1st Route (Premium): 15000
  • 2nd Route/Gold Early Clear (P): 40200
  • 3rd Route/Silver Early Clear (Sweet): 55890
  • 4th Route (S): 61200
  • 5th Route (Secret): 79200
  • 6th Route/FC Early Clear (Se): 93150

Event ends September 6th 7:59 CST

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