Event Info – Fairy Love Tale – Together With Baby

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New event released! “Shall we make our future?” What if you were to have a child with him… Raising a child with the Princes–?!

Event Period: December 19th ~ January 1st 10:59JST

This event is a Points (Carene) event meaning that you read the story, meet checks and then have to go to battle in the event themed battle to with Passion to pass these checks.

Two hour fever upon entering the event. Choose a route, back out, then go to the main event page and fever until you either run out of stamina or the fever runs out.

Everyone has their own route and they will be released in batches.There are two endings: Rich (Good) and Pure (Normal).

1st Set Release (Event Open) – Leonhardt, Kite, and Albert
2nd Set Release (December 22nd 11AMJST) Luca, Silvio and Ferris
3rd Set Release (December 25th 11AMJST) – Elio and Harold

After ends. After completing a Rich end, you will have the option to purchase an After End avatar for 300 Platinum each.


  • Early Clear 1 Clear the both ends for the first set within 72 hours of event entry and get Red Hair Ponytail
  • Early Clear 2 – Clear the both ends for the second set within 48 hours of their routes opening and get Sharp Yellow Eyes
  • All Ends Complete – Clear all ends (16 total) and get Lovely Baby Room background
  • 100000+ Carene – Lovely Strawberry Dress
  • 180000+ Carene – White Feather Fairy Tale Dress
  • Each Route Clear – Baby Rattles with Chicks
  • 2 Route Clear – Closetx1
  • 3 Routes Clear – Toy Chicks
  • 4 Route Clear – Fairy Housex1
  • 5 Routes Clear – Classic Baby Carriage
  • 6 Routes Clear – Teddy Pacifier (Full Stamina Recovery)
  • 7 Routes Clear – Brown Leather Shoes
  • 8 Routes Clear – 1000 Diamond
  • 9 Routes Clear – Luxury Watch
  • 10 Routes Clear – Teddy Pacifier (Full Stamina Recovery)
  • 11 Routes Clear – Grey Suit Pants
  • 12 Routes Clear – Gacha Ticket
  • 13 Routes Clear – Blue Shirt with Sleeves Rolled Up
  • 14 Routes Clear – Blue Apron Dress
  • 15 Routes Clear – Striped Apron for Him
  • 16 Routes Clear – Falling White Feathers

Event ranking bonus.

  • Place 30 – Green Scarf Ribbon
  • Place 50 – Necklace of Angel’s Egg
  • Place 100 – Brown Pumps with White Bows
  • Place 200 – Feeding Bottle with Chick
  • Place 400 – Chick Room Shoes
  • Place 800 – Sweet apple pie

Carene amount required to clear the event. Done all Rich to all Pure in a set.

  • 1st Route Set: 36600
  • 2nd Route Set: 75720
  • 3rd Route Set/All Clear: 101800

Good Luck!

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