Event Info – Ikemen Sengoku – Ieyasu’s B-Day Fest

by Vehura
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It’s your first time celebrating his birthday… How will you make it special? Spend an unexpectedly sweet night with your cutely devilish boyfriend…

Event Period: January 22nd ~ January 31st

Two hour Glamour x2 fever upon entering the event.

Routes. Three chapters, five parts each. There are two endings: Premium and Sweet. Premium End contains an Attire and Sweet End contains a Voice Clip.

Attire purchases. There is one attire check in each route. 200 Coins/4000 Gold +20 Beauty

After Episodes. There are no AEs this event. Instead, there is a POV story sale for 700 coins that includes: a photo, a POV story, a voice clip, and a item for the castle garden.

Early clear bonus.

  • Innocently Twinkling Yellow Eyes (+100 Beauty) – Complete both Premium endings within 36 hours upon entering the event

Other bonuses.

  • 1st Love Challenge Pass Bonus – Sweet Cakex1
  • 1st Ending Clear (Any) – Makeup (+500 Glamour) + Ieyasu’s B-Day Fest Ieyasu Voice Clip
  • Voiced Clip – Each Sweet Ending Cleared
  • Attire – Each Premium Ending Cleared
  • Premium Ending Completion Bonus – Pretty Wisteria Canopy (+100 Beauty)
  • All Clear (4 total endings) – Sunny Rock Garden (+200 Beauty)

Event ranking bonus.

  • Rank 1- 200 – 2 Limited edition pieces of attire
  • Rank 201- 500 – 1 Limited edition pieces of attire
  • Top 5000 – Gacha Token

Personal Charm Premium Checks. These amounts start at 5300? and then go up 5300? with every ending you read regardless if it was Premium or Sweet.

Lucky Time.

  • 1/26 6pmPST ~ 1/27 6:00pmPST: 2x Glamour & Gold
  • 1/29 6pmPST ~ 1/30 6:00pmPST: 3x Glamour

Total Glamour to Clear. If done all Premium to all Sweet.

  • 1st Route (Premium): 14200
  • 2nd Route/Early Clear (P): 38056
  • 3rd Route (Sweet): 53292
  • 4th Route/All Clear (S): 69523

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