Event Info – Ikemen Sengoku – Surrender My Love

A gaze that will make you beg to be dominated and hand that know just how to hold you– The ties that bind you aren’t physical, but you still won’t want to leave him– Masamune, Hideyoshi, and Kenshin are in this event.

Event Period: April 15th ~April 27th

Two hour Glamour x2 fever upon entering the event.

Routes. Three chapters, five parts each. There are two endings: Premium and Sweet. Premium End contains a Attire and Sweet End contains an Voice Clip.

Attire purchases. There is one attire check in each route. 200 Coins/4000 Gold +20 Beauty

After Episodes. Once you finish an premium end, you have the option to purchase an avatar that comes with an after episode. 300 coins each.

Early clear bonus.

  • Round Windowed Room (+150 Beauty) – Clear 2 Premium endings within 36 hours upon entering the event
  • Ashy Purple High Ponytail (+150 Beauty) – Complete 3 endings within 60 hours upon entering the event
  • Effect: Hearts of a Princess (+250 Beauty) – Full Clear within 82 hours upon entering the event

Other bonuses.

  • 1st Ending Bonus – Makeup (+500 Glamour)
  • Attire – Each Premium Ending Cleared
  • Makeup (+500 Glamour) – Each Sweet Ending Cleared
  • Premium Ending Completion Bonus – Princess White Curtains (+100 Beauty)
  • All Clear (6 total endings) – Key to My Heart Decor (+100 Beauty)
  • 30000 Personal Glamour – Coral Pink Makeup (+50 Beauty)
  • 60000 Personal Glamour – Classy Nocturne Eyes (+100 Beauty)

Event ranking bonus.

  • Rank 1- 200 – 3 Limited edition pieces of attire
  • Rank 201- 500 – 2 Limited edition pieces of attire
  • Rank 501- 1000 – 1 Limited edition pieces of attire
  • Top 5000 – Gacha Token

Personal Charm Premium Checks. These amounts go up with every ending you read regardless if it was Premium or Sweet. By default, I aim for 5500 per route in the event.

Lucky Time.

  • 4/18 6pmPST ~ 4/19 6pmPST: 2x Glamour & Gold
  • 4/22 6pmPST ~ 4/23 6pmPST: 2x Glamour & Gold
  • 4/24 6pmPST ~ 4/24 6pmPST: 2x Glamour & Gold
  • 4/26 6pmPST ~ 4/27 6pmPST: 3x Glamour

Total Glamour to Clear. If done all Premium to all Sweet.

  • 1st Route (Premium): 15000
  • 2nd Route/Early Clear Gold (P): 40200?
  • 3rd Route/3 Ending Early Clear (P): 62550
  • 4th Route (Sweet): 80475
  • 5th Route (Sweet): 102300
  • 6th Route/All Clear (S): 130050

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