Event Info – Lust in Terror Manor – Love events with a dangerous love potion?!

by Vehura
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Event Period: December 10th 15:00JST ~


16th 23:59

This event is a Points (Grace) event meaning that you read the story, meet checks and then have to go to lessons in the event themed


to win grace to pass these checks.

Note: This event is R-18. If you cannot handle adult situations including sexual content, you would be better off skipping this event.

Two hour x2 fever upon entering the event. Choose a route, back out, then go to the main event page and fever until you either run out of stamina or the fever runs out.

Five total routes. Routes are 15 parts long and have two endings: True (Happy) and Another (Normal).

After ends. After completing a True End(?), you will have the option to purchase an After End scenario for 300 Platinum each in the After ED Scenario Shop. (Hayato & Rui were A+++++)

Early clear bonuses. Clear Ends of the routes within 48 hours for prizes.

Event ranking bonus. All Prince items. Rank is Top 30, 100, 150, 200.

Extra Bonuses. Achieve 180000+ Grace and get Green Collared Frilly Dress (Nobody is getting this. LOL)

Grace Amounts.

  • First Route True: 2000
  • Second Route True: 8500
  • Third Route True: 15000
  • Fourth Route True: 21500
  • Fifth Route True: 28000
  • All Clear: 59500

Fever Times.

  • 12:00~14:00JST Grace x2
  • 19:00~21:00JST Grace x2

Good luck~

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