Event Info – Lust in Terror Manor – Sweet Amusement Park

by Vehura
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Event Period: February 23rd ~ March 1st 18:00 JST

Collect Choco-rally to exchange for prizes. Exchange rate is 1-1. You collect them by:

  • 1 when you read 5 scenarios
  • 1 for going to dating lessons 5 times
  • 1 daily at event page login
  • 1 daily upon buying an item

Collection Items. Turn Choco-rally in to collect avatars, items, and stories. Press “Bonus List” to see all bonuses.

  • Only Naoto, Rui, and Hayato have stories in this event.
  • Final item requires 50 exchanges.
  • After 50 exchanges, you get Scenario Ticket for 1 Chapter x1 every 5 goes.

Early clear bonus. None.

Event ranking bonus. None.

Don’t… keep making your events super hard. Just a bit of an FYI.

Good luck!

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