Event Info – Midnight Cinderella – Princess Crisis

by Vehura

Event Period: April 6th  – April 18th

Routes. Four chapters, five parts each. There are two endings: Premium and Sweet. Premium requires an individual charm check to clear.

Attire purchases. None.

After Episodes. Once you finish a suitor’s premium end, you have the option to purchase an avatar that has an after episode attached. 300 coins each.

Early Clear Bonuses.

  • Sugar Pink Flowy Gown (+100 Beauty) – Complete two premium endings with two different suitors within 24 hours upon entering the event.
  • Long Black Hair (+125 Beauty) – Complete four endings with four different suitors within 48 hours upon entering the event.
  • Shimmering Butterfly Wings (+150 Beauty) – Complete all eight endings with four suitors by 4/13. (Check your app for time.)

Clear items for Suitors. Get an Avatar Attire for completing a Suitor’s Premium Ending. These items make you look like a Sailor Moon knock off. And I WANT IT ALL.

Other bonuses.

  • Event Entry – 3000 bells and an Ice Cream
  • 1 Ending – Blushing Cheeks & Star Mark (+50 Beauty)
  • 5 Endings – Incandescent Golden Eyes (+80 Beauty) + Storage Closetx2
  • 7 Endings – Grab Bag Token x2
  • Premium Ending Completion Bonus – Long Blond Ponytails (+100 Beauty)
  • All Clear (8 total endings) – Moonlit Dance Floor (+150 Beauty)
  • 20000+ Personal Charm Bonus – Airy Hall of Glass Windows (+150 Beauty)
  • 30000+ Personal Charm Bonus – Moonlight Tuxedo Outfit (+150 Beauty)
  • After Episode Special Bonus – Buy all 4 After Episodes and get Princess Crisis Custom Home Buttons

Event ranking bonus.

  • Final Rank 100 – Four Limited Pieces of Attire
  • Final Rank 300 – Three Limited Pieces of Attire
  • Final Rank 1500 – Two Limited Pieces of Attire
  • Final Rank 5000 – One Limited Pieces of Attire

Personal Charm Premium Checks. These amounts start at 5500 and then go up 5500 with every story you pass.

Total Charm to Clear. If done all Premium to all Sweet.

  • 1st Route (Premium): 13000
  • 2nd Route (P): 29640
  • 3rd Route (P): 49920
  • 4th Route (P): 73840
  • 5th Route (Sweet): 92352
  • 6th Route (S): 112840
  • 7th Route (S): 136448
  • 8th Route/All Clear (S): 161928

Contributor(s):  MoonGoddess

Good luck!

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