Event Info – Midnight Cinderella – The Secrets He Keeps

The unexpected has happened, and the two of you are pulled into a difficult situation. The thoughts he keeps hidden during your troubled time together… He’ll only share with you.

Event Period: April 12th  – April 26th

Routes. Four chapters, five parts each. There are two endings: Premium and Sweet. Premium requires an individual charm check to clear.

After Episodes. Once you finish a suitor’s premium end, you have the option to purchase an avatar that has an after episode attached. 300 coins each.

Early Clear Bonuses.

  • Crystal Bonus: Cutie Flower Eyes (+100 Beauty) – Complete two premium endings with two different suitors within 24 hours upon entering the event.
  • Pearl Bonus: Short Brown Braids (+150 Beauty) – Complete four endings with four suitors within 48 hours upon entering the event.
  • Diamond Bonus: Angelic Wings Set (+150 Beauty) – Complete all ten endings with five suitors by 4/21. (Check your app for time.)

Other bonuses.

  • Event Entry – 3000 bells, and an Ice Cream
  • 1 Ending – Mini Palette
  • 5 Endings – Pink Cutie Smile (+80 Beauty)
  • 7 Endings – Grab Bag Token x2
  • Premium Ends (per Suitor) – Avatar Attire (+80 Beauty)
  • Premium Ending Completion Bonus – Green Battle Robes (+100 Beauty)
  • All Clear (8 total endings) – Glowing Mystical Courtyard (+150 Beauty)
  • 25000+ Personal Charm Bonus – The Princess Card (+150 Beauty)
  • 50000+ Personal Charm Bonus – Princess Card Background (+150 Beauty)
  • 65000+ Personal Charm Bonus – Mystic Town Viewpoint (+150 Beauty)
  • After Episode Special Bonus – Buy all 5 After Episodes and get Sakura Petal Storm.

Event ranking bonus.

  • Rank 1~100 – 2 Limited edition pieces of attire
  • Rank 101~300 – 1 Limited edition pieces of attire
  • Rank 301~1500 – Makeup Palette (+100 Charm)
  • Rank 1501~5000 – Macaron

Personal Charm Premium Checks. These amounts start at a 6600 and then go up that amount time the route number you are on.

Total Charm to Clear.

  • 1st Route (Premium): 15800
  • 2nd Route (P): 34128
  • 3rd Route (P): 54510
  • 4th Route (P): 79000
  • 5th Route (Sweet): 101626
  • 6th Route (S): 123872
  • 7th Route (S): 147635
  • 8th Route/All Clear (S): 176328

Good luck!

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