Event Info – Office Lover 2 – A Love Year That Begins With a Kiss

by Vehura
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Event Period: January 13th

January 23rd 9:00 JST

Rose Essence and one hour High Heelsx2 success fever upon entering the event.

One routes per Love Interest. 12 scenarios to complete a route. There is a split route for End of the Year (Good End) and Start of the Year (Normal End).

You will be given an Kemari for that character upon reading the

End of the Year

end and can use it to unlock the

Start of the Year

after also passing the required bouquets check.

Haruto and Ritsu will be added 1/17 9:00JST.


and Kousei will be added 1/20 9:00JST.

Avatar Purchase.

  • Scenario Avatar: +100 Charm. 300 Platinum.
  • Normal Avatar: +50 Charm. 200 Platinum or 6000 Love Points.

Diaries. There is one in the 

Start of the Year routes. 100 Platinum

After End Scenarios. After finishing each

End of the Year, you will have the option to purchase an after end. 400 Platinum each.


  • Fast Complete 1: Clear the both ends for Kei, Kakeru, andKenichiro

    within 48 hours of event entry and get Frame of Japanese Plum Blossoms and Frame

  • Fast Complete 2: Clear the both ends forHaruto and Ritsu

    within 48 hours of their routes opening and get Traditional Japanese Uchida no Kozuchi Mallet.

  • Fast Complete 2: Clear the both ends forYuusuke and Kousei

    within 48 hours of their routes opening and get

    Japanese Kadomatsu with Plum and Cherry Blossoms.

  • All Ends Complete: Clear all ends (14 total) and get First Shrine Visit Date of the Year
  • 100000+ High Heels – Lovely Shrine Maiden Uniform
  • 7 Course Clear – Closetx1

Event ranking bonus.

  • Place 25 – Dark Red and Solver Grey Japanese Hakama For Men
  • Place 50 –Japanese Zori Sandals wiuth a Red Thing
  • Place 75 –Gacha Ticket
  • Place 100 – Closet x5
  • Place 150 – His Avatar Gacha (1200pts)
  • Place 300 – 1500 Love Points

Standard Fever Times.

  • 12:00-14:00JST – High Heels & Love Points x2 (200 HH & 200 Love per Excellent)
  • 20:00-22:00JST – High Heels & Love Points x2 (200 HH & 200 Love per Excellent)
  • 08:00-10:00JST – Love Points x2 (200 Love per Excellent)

High Heels Needed to Clear. If done in route release sets Sweet Route/Good Ends followed by Jealous Route/Normal Ends. 

  • 1st Set: 24000
  • 2nd Set
    : 40000
  • 3rd Set/All Clear: 56000

(Event Tips Under Cut)

  • Check your fever times. The game tells you when they will be having fevers during events. When you go to the lesson page, there is usually an Advance Notice alert and under that, there is a button that says ‘See Everything.’ This window lets you know when they will be having fever events. The times are in JST, so you will need to figure out what time that is for you. I use timebie. Set an alarm on your phone. Until then, let your stamina refill normally and play the event lessons normally. But the second that your alarm goes off for a fever, start using your stock. Just do nothing but use your stock until either the fever is over or you run out. If you can, count back five hours from when the fever is to start so that you know when to stop lessoning normally in order to have your first fever run be at full stamina.
  • If you want to fully clear an event, always clear all the good endings first. The affection/points to clear amounts go up with each route completed. If you run the normal ends first, it could be damn near impossible to clear the good/happy endings because their clear amounts will also go up.

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