Event Info – Once Upon a Fairy Love Tale – A Lovely Gift from the Prince

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Event Period: March 3rd ~ March 15th 23:59JST

This event is a Points (Carene) event meaning that you read the story, meet checks and then have to go to battle in the event themed battle to with Passion to pass these checks.

Two hour fever upon entering the event. Choose a route, back out, then go to the main event page and fever until you either run out of stamina or the fever runs out.

Everyone has their own route and they will be released in batches.There are two endings: Rich (Good) and Pure (Normal).

1st Set Release (Event Open) – Leonhardt and Elio
2nd Set Release (March 6th) Silvio and Kite
3rd Set Release (March 9th) Albert and Luca  

After ends. After completing a Rich end, you will have the option to purchase an After End avatar for 300 Platinum each.

Clear items for LIs. When you clear both ends for a Love Interest, you will get an avatar.

Early clear bonuses. Clear both Ends of these sets for an early clear bonus.

  • Complete both ends for Leonhardt and Elio within 24 hours of entry –Dark Rose Dress
  • Complete both ends for Silvio and Kite by 3/7 10:59JST Milky Green Eyes
  • Complete both ends for Albert and Luca   by 3/10 10:59 Dark Rose Pigtails

Event ranking bonus.

  • Place 10 – Milky Green Prince
  • Place 10 – Milky Green Pants
  • Place 50 – Milky Green Cloak
  • Place 100 – Rose Crown
  • Place 200 – Pink Rose Bouquet

Other Bonuses.

  • 10000+ Carene bonuses – Pink Rose Earrings
  • 80000+ Carene bonuses – Side Updo Curly
  • 120000+ Carene bonuses – Flower Mille-feullie Dress
  • All Clear bonus – In the Dreamy World with the Prince
  • 12 Course Clear – [March] Exchange Ticket

Carene amount required to clear the event. Done all Rich to all Pure in a set.

  • 1st Route Set: 23940
  • 2nd Route Set: 49860
  • 3rd Route Set/All Clear: 75780

Contributor(s): Cybirb

Good Luck!

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