Event Info – Rental Boyfriends – Lovers in Wonderland

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This time, enjoy an exciting date, just as in a fairytale! How will your boyfriend turn out? A Prince or… the Big Bad Wolf?

Event Period: May 5th – May 18th 09:00 JST

Healing Candy and two hour Marshmallow x2 success fever upon entering the event.

One routes per Love Interest. 13 scenarios to complete a route. There are two endings that are Special Happy and Sexy.

Avatar trial. 

  • Premium (+100 Charm) – 300 Platinum
  • Normal (+80 Charm) – 200 Platinum/8000 Love Points

After End Scenarios. After finishing each ending, you will have the option to purchase an scenario avatar. 400 Platinum each


  • Fast Complete 1 – Clear first set within 48 hours of event entry and get ButterflyxFantasy Lightning Effect
  • Fast Complete 2 – Clear second set within 72 hours of their routes opening and get Santa with Dreamy Horse
  • Fast Complete 3 – Clear third set within 48 hours of their routes opening and get Fairy Rose Frame
  • All Ends Complete – Clear all ends (14 total) and get Princess Castle Lowland with River
  • 7 Route Clear – Closet x1
  • 100000+ Marshmallows – Cinderella Dress

Marshmallow Needed to Clear. Done all Special Happy Ending followed by all Sexy Ending in sets.

  • 1st Set: 15200
  • 2nd Set: 39200
  • 3rd Set/All Clear: 53200?

Good luck!

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