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(I usually don’t make posts about collection events, but there are a few confused people, so I thought why not.)

This is an exchange event!

Collect Toy to exchange for prizes. Exchange rate is 1-1. You collect them by:

  • 5 when you read 5 scenarios
  • 2 for going to dating lessons 5 times
  • 6 daily at event page login 
  • 10% chance when you greet your friends by doing “Nice Style”
  • A chance to send one to your lesson partner

Collection Items. Turn Toy in to collect avatars, items, and diaries. Press “Bonus List” to see all bonuses.

  • There are seven Love Interests in this event. Each LI has 2 diaries that take 20 exchanges to receive both. Once you have all diaries, move onto another character to get all of his



  • Final item requires 250 exchanges
  • After


    exchanges, you get private room gacha (1200) every 50 goes

Early clear bonus. Exchange 100 times within 48 hours of event start and receive Cute vampire teeth☆Little devil make up.

Event ranking bonus. All rank items are are prince avatar items with Secret Chapters attached.

  • Top 25 – Medival green jacket
  • Top 50 –

    Medival white bottom

  • Top 100 –

    Lovely cat’s hears[sic] & Tail

Event runs until the 7th of January 09:00JST.

Good luck!

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