Event Info – The Cinderella Contract – Prince on Stage

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Event Period: December 28th 11:00 ~ January 8th 10:59JST

This event is a Points (Carene) event meaning that you read the story, meet checks and then have to go to battle in the event themed battle to with carene to pass these checks.

Translation is okay to fair.

Two hour x3 fever upon entering the event. Choose a route, back out, then go to the main event page and fever until you either run out of stamina or the fever runs out.

Everyone has their own route and they will be released in batches. Routes are 15 parts long and have two endings: Princess (Happy) and Milky (Good).

1st Set Release (Event Open): Asena, Claude, and Cyril
2nd Set Release (January 1st 11:00):  Yuri, Isuka, and Lugar
3rd Set Release (January 4th 11:00 ): Maynard and Yelisei

After ends. After completing a Princess end, you will have the option to purchase an After End avatar for 300 Platinum each. They are also available to purchase in the Secret Chapter Shop if you want to buy them later.

Early clear bonuses. Clear both Ends of these sets for an early clear bonus.

  • First set within 48 hours of entry – Strawberry Angel
  • 2nd Set by 1/3 10:59 – Airy Pink Bobbed Hair
  • 3rd Set by 1/5 10:59Tricolor Star

Event ranking bonus. All Prince items.

  • Place 30 – Prince on Stage
  • Place 100 – Shiny Tape Effect
  • Place 150 – Melody Hat
  • Place 300 – Supportive Glowsticks
  • Place 300 – Secret Warehouse x1
  • Place 500 – Princess Closet x1

Other Bonuses.

  • Princess End Clear (per character): Avatar
  • 100000+ Carene bonuses – Pure Heart Pigtails
  • 230000+ Carene bonuses – Fairy on Stage
  • All Clear bonus – Dream Stage
  • 3 Course Clear – Wireless Headset

Carene amount required to clear the event. I do these all Princess ends followed by all Milky ends in a set to early clear.

  • 1st Set: 39000
  • 2nd Route: 81000
  • 3rd Route/All Clear: 109000

Special CGs. With every Princess ending you read you reveal more of the CG for whichever group that character is in. Once you read all endings for an Idol Sets, you will be able to purchase a side story with the CG attached. 500plat each.

Good luck~!

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