Event – Midnight Cinderella – Royal Honeymoon

Royal Honey Moon Title Graphic

It’s the first night of your honeymoon with your beloved husband. A delicious night awaits you both, drunk on the alcohol and your love for each other! The eternal love you swore to each other on your wedding day grows stronger on your honeymoon!

Basic Info

  • Two hours open Charm x2 fever.
  • Three parts, five chapters each, and two endings after the second part: Premium and Sweet. Premium requires an individual charm check to clear.
  • Personal Charm Premium Checks start at a 6000 and then go up that amount time the route number you are on.
  • Once you finish a suitor’s premium end, you have the option to purchase an avatar that has an after episode attached, 300 coins each.

Clear Amounts 

  • 1st Route (Premium): 13000
  • 2nd Route/Crystal Early Clear (P): 29900
  • 3rd Route (P): 47970
  • 4th Route/Pearl Early Clear (P): 69160
  • 5th Route (P): 94900
  • 6th Route (Sweet): 116870
  • 7th Route (S): 145860
  • 8th Route (S): 172198
  • 9th Route (S): 200408
  • 10th Route/Diamond Clear (S): 235170

Event ends July 8th 7:59 CST

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