Event – Midnight Cinderella – Under the Sea

by Vehura
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Midnight Cinderella Under the Sea Graphic

Legends of a mermaid princess await the two of your by the beach… Let him prove his love for you is deeper than any ocean!

Basic Info

  • Two hours open Charm x2 fever.
  • Three parts, five chapters each, and two endings after the second part: Premium and Sweet. Premium requires an individual charm check to clear.
  • Personal Charm Premium Checks start at a 6000 and then go up that amount time the route number you are on.
  • Once you finish a suitor’s premium end, you have the option to purchase an avatar that has an after episode attached, 300 coins each.

Clear Amounts 

  • 1st Route (Premium): 12750
  • 2nd Route/Crystal Early Clear (P): 29070
  • 3rd Route (P): 46283
  • 4th Route/Pearl Early Clear (P): 68340
  • 5th Route (Sweet): 89352
  • 6th Route (S): 109956
  • 7th Route (S): 134640
  • 8th Route/ Diamond Clear (S): 166158

Event ends August 12th 7:59 CST

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