Event Walkthrough – Liar! – Chocolate Coated Lies

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Event Ends: 2/15 12:00JST
Early Clear Requirements: Clear 2 lover’s routes by 2/6 23:59JST
Early Clear Bonus: Haruichi Bath Time Story & Card


  • Stage 1 – The Vixen
  • Stage 2 -The


Known Fever Times :

  • 2/4 – 0:00~8:59JST (1.5x)
  • 2/4 – 9:00~15:59JST (2x)
  • 2/4 16:00 ~ 2/5 23:59JST (1.5x)

Contributor(s): holahallobonjour, @breathe-in-spiration, @akiratsubasa, Haruka Nanase

Stage 1 –



Cool Points Mission – 100

Go to Ayumi’s profile>Friends>Rie>Scroll until you see the photo

Cool Points Mission –


Q. What recipe will you ask about?
A St. Sebastian
B Gateau au chocolat (Correct)
C Paella

Q. What word is Rie misusing?
A Ganache
B Meringue
C Glace (Correct)

Q. What do you ask to prove Rie doesn’t take cooking lessons?
A The course type
B The course’s price
C The school location (Correct)

Rie’s FindFriend screen (Correct)

Q. Where’d Rie get the cake?
A A Jiyugaoka cake shop (Correct)

B Her mother
Patisserie Kashi

Q. What part of the cake proves it’s not a Rie original?
A The checkerboard pattern

B The chocolate decoration (Correct)
C The surface ganache

Cake catalog


Stage 2 –



Scroll to Shinji’s post>Click his image to go to his profile>Click into his profile>Take screenshot

Cool Points Mission – 900

Scroll to Shinji’s post>Click the comments>Click on Keita’s comment>Scroll down on his profile until you see a photo>Take screenshot

Cool Points Mission – 1600


What was weird at the jazz bar?

A Shinji’a Flyer


Shinji and Keita’s conversation


Shinji’s jealousness

Let ’s prove what Shinji was doing on January 31

Shinji’s FindFriend screen (1) (Correct)

Keita’s FindFriend screen


Party Flyer (1) (Correct)

Dangerous groups website 


Q. What decisive evidence is on the flyer?
A Phone number (Correct)
B Email Address
C Photo

Q. What’s the acapella group, really?
A A religious cult
A ponzi scheme
A sex group


Lover’s Routes – Check Amounts

So, when my friend ran this on the first day, her amounts were lower. When I ran them, they bumped up a level. I’m not sure if it was an early bird situation or if there was an error.

  • First Route: 2600 
  • Second Route: 3700
  • Third Route:4000
  • Fourth Route: 4500?

Flirt Time Questions

All common Flirt Time Questions are located here.

Character Specific Appeal Time Answers


Despite being from another company, I’ve received a great deal of chocolate…
B: Eat mine first!

I have heard rumors you’ve been spending a lot of time with the new guy…
C: We have a lot of projects together.

You want to give me a Valentine’s gift at work. Where should you do it?
A: Alone together in an empty room.


February 14th? No, I don’t have plans, why?
C: I want to spend it with you.

Thanks for the chocolates. Wait, there’s a gift too?
A: Wine. I thought we could drink it together.

That new guy’s popular. Do you think he’s hot, [name]?
C: Ooh, are you jealous?


Are you good at baking? Want me to teach you?
A: I suck. Please teach me!

I might be too busy to meet up on Valentine’s Day…
B: Call me if you get the time.

I’m so glad you asked me for a recipe. Who’re you making it for?
B: You, Toya. 

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