Event Walkthrough – Liar! – Perplexing Presents!

by Vehura

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Event Ends: 3/14 12:00JST
Early Clear Requirements: Clear 3 lover’s routes by 3/6 23:59JST
Early Clear Bonus: Azusa & Kunio Story – A Ring from Your Man
Top 500 Rank Bonus: Kazumi – Naughty Butler Bedroom Play (Note: It is written as 500 in two paces, but Top 1000 on the rank page. I have also been shown a place where it is listed as Top 1500. Shoot for Top 500 to be safe until this is cleared up.)

Contributor(s): Susie101, Weng Yi Kan, Haruka Nanase, Jackie He, holahallobonjour

Until all answers are confirmed, please use at your own risk!

Stage 1

Room Investigation

Click the receipt under the chess board.
Click the magazines on the table.
Click the business card next to the magazines.

Cool Points Mission – 200


Note: Press the house in the upper right hand corner to get back to the main screen

Click Azusa’s profile> scroll to the post with one comment> click into the comment> take a photo
Scroll to Munio’s post> click his profile> click his friends> click Sayaka’s photo> scroll to her bottom post> click the comments> take a photo

Press the icon in the top right corner> click on Sotaro’s photo> click friends> click Saya’s photo> take a photo

Cool Points Mission – 700

Pick Kunio

Ask a leading question about the present!
B. It’s great for tying my hair back. 

Point out what doesn’t make sense about this scrunchy!
A. The shape of it.

What should you point out on the warranty?
C. The order date

Evidence (in order)

1) Kunio’s planner

2) Eiffel Tower Model

3) Magazine

4) Sayaka Hanamura’s FindFriend Screen

What’s the definitive proof that’s written on FindFriend?
C. His nickname for Sayaka Hanamura

Cool Points Mission – 1300

Lover’s Routes – Check Amounts

  • First Route: 1900 
  • Second Route: 2700
  • Third Route: 3500
  • Fourth Route: 4500
  • Fourth Route: 5600

Stage 2 – Lover’s Routes


Room Investigation

Click the red ribbon sticking out from the bed
Click the trashcan
Click the pink box on the side table


Press the icon in the top right corner> Click on Kunio’s photo> Click friends> Click Hiromi’s photo> take a photo
Click back> Click Nana’s photo> take a photo

Evidence (in order)

1) Kunio’s TalkTime screen

2) Kunio’s planner

3) Flip phone



Click Kazumi’s profile> Scroll until the text shows up> Take a photo


Scroll until you see

Kazumi’s post> Take a photo

Q. What present did Kazumi give you?
C. Alarm Clock (Correct)

Q. The alarm clock’s message actually means…  
B. Look at FindFriend! (Correct)

Q. How will you move the clock’s minute hand?
A. Turn it counterclockwise to 4 (Correct)

Q. What’s your actual present that’s hidden in the clock?
B. Earrings.


Q. What did Azusa git for you?
A The flower box (Correct)

Fortune Telling Book (Correct)

Q. What flowers will you use to say “Yes” to Azusa?
A Blue hyacinths (Correct)


Q. What was Keima’s White Day gift?
A Tickets for a trip. (Correct)

Q. Where does Keima want to take you?

A A hot spings inIzu. (Correct)


Special Octokitty Keychain


Q. What is Sotaro’s White Day Gift?
A Panties (Correct)

Q. Why did Sotaro give you panties?
C To improve your luck (Correct)

Q. Why did Sotaro give you those panties?
A Luck in health (Correct)


Diagnosis Report (Correct)

Flirt Time Questions

All common Flirt Time Questions are located here.

Character Specific Appeal Time Answers


Makizushi is the best kind of sushi! What does “Maki” mean? 
B. Rolled

A place he wants to go to in France.

D. Mont-Saint-Michel (lol BMP shout out!)


Horoscope question
D. Cancer

Do you know the “Winter Triangle”? What star is NOT a part of it?
C. Altair


What do his patients call him?
C. Kokushimusoutaro

This Italian place’s soup is incredible. How would you eat it?
D. Scooping towards center from front.


What’s the working title of the book I’m currently writing?
A. Wandering Moon

When is his birthday?
C. February 6th.  


When we went to Yamanashi on a class trip, what was wrong with you?
B. Hangover

I have it set up in my living room. What am I really into right now?
A Chess


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