Event Walkthrough – Liar! – Perplexing Presents!

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Event Ends: 3/14 12:00JST
Early Clear Requirements: Clear 3 lover’s routes by 3/6 23:59JST
Early Clear Bonus: Azusa & Kunio Story – A Ring from Your Man
Top 500 Rank Bonus: Kazumi – Naughty Butler Bedroom Play (Note: It is written as 500 in two paces, but Top 1000 on the rank page. I have also been shown a place where it is listed as Top 1500. Shoot for Top 500 to be safe until this is cleared up.)

Contributor(s): Susie101, Weng Yi Kan, Haruka Nanase, Jackie He, holahallobonjour

Until all answers are confirmed, please use at your own risk!

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This event ends in a little over a day! Hopefully it was really easy for you and this is something you don’t have to worry about! 🙂