Event Walkthrough – Liar! Uncover the Truth – Hectic Yuletide

by Vehura

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Event Ends: 12/27 12:00JST
Early Clear Requirements: Clear 2 Stages(?) the event by 12/22 10:00JST
Early Clear Bonus: Itaru vs Toya Story & Card


  • No tickets required.
  • Flirt time questions are timed. You have 15 seconds to make a decision or the game does it for you. Some are reused from the last event so I will be making a separate post for just Event Liar Questions.
  • You will be awarded Files upon completion of each stage (6 files) and early clear (1 file)
  • The different stages seem to be different groups of guys.
    • Stage 1 – Azusa and Joe
    • Stage 2 – Sotaro
    • Stage 3 –


      Keima, and Shuto

    • Stage 4 –


    • Stage 5 –


    • Stage 6 –

      Kunio and Haruichi

Known Fever Times:

  • 1.5x Fever 
    • 12/17 – 0:00~9:59JST
    • 12/17 16:00 ~ 12/18 18:59JST
  • 2x Fever
    • 12/17 10:00 ~ 15:59JST
    • 12/18 19:00 ~ 23:59JST

Contributor(s): embodimentofcyn, holahallobonjour

Stage 1

Q: Where do you go next with Joe?
C. To go look at clothes.

Q: How do you explain the earrings?
A. Forgot to put them on earlier

Cool Points Mission – 400

Say something loud enough for both to hear!
Wow! What a cute tree!

Stage 2

Q. How do you answer Sotaro?
There’s a concert this afternoon.

Q. Where’s the proof Sotaro’s staying at the hotel tonight?
He put lunch on his tab for tomorrow

Cool Points Mission – 1000

Q. How do you prove Sotaro’s not going to a conference tomorrow?
There’s a memorial event on

Stage 3

Q. Where to next?
The massage parlor

Q. Which gift do you give to Keima?
Red Bag

Cool Points Mission – 1500

Q. How do you untangle yourself from this mess?
Drag Keima off to a party.

Stage 4

Q. When could the culprit have stolen the tree?
While you were away from Kazumi

Q. Who can prove you’re not the thief?
The host

Cool Points Mission – 2000

What’s the truth behind this mystery?
No one stole the tree.

Stage 5

Q. How do you answer Itaru?
Not right now!

Q. What’s your reply to Itaru’s question?
He’s my ex.

Cool Points Mission –


What’s Shizuo’s lock code?

Stage 6

Q. How do you introduce Haruichi and Kunio?
We met at a matchmaking party…

Cool Points Mission – 3100

Q. How do you give Kunio the slip?
I need to go buy some toiletries.

Q. What do you say to Haruichi now?
Go to the room on the right


Final Cool Points Mission – 3700

Flirt Time Questions

All common Flirt Time Questions are located here.

Character Specific Appeal Time Answers


The number one best thing about Christmas is…
B: Decorating the tree.


It seems work will keep us apart this Christmas…
A. “Can we meet in the evening?”


Almost Christmas [Name]! How do you wanrt to spend it?
B: “It’s all good as long as I’m with you.”


Let’s get dressed to the nines on Christmas. What will you wear?
C: A sexy red dress.


A quiet Christmas at home is nice. Want to listen to some music?
C: “Let’s put on some Christmas classics.” 


Partying with the ol’ college buddies is fun, but I wanna be alone with you.
C: “Wanna get out of here?”


What do you wanna do for Christmas? I want to cuddle up with you.
C: “Could you be more specific?”


Is Santa Claus real?
B: “You’re my Santa, baby!”


Christmas cake? It’s gotta be…
A: Some kind of fruit cake


I’m planning a Christmas dinner. What do you recommend?
C: Stollen


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